A 24K gold-plated PlayStation 5 will be released later this year


Sony have already revealed that the soon-to-be-released PlayStation 5 will come in a variety of editions. The much-anticipated hardware will come in both standard and digital-only formats and is rumoured to be being made available in a number of colours.

Whichever of these models fans opt for, though, the overall cost of the console is unlikely to vary by more than a few hundred pounds. For those with astronomical budgets, however, there is now another option available.

British company Truly Exquisite is offering gamers the chance to own a PS5 plated in 24K gold! Truly Exquisite market themselves as "The UK's Premier Luxury Customising Brand" and have plenty of experience in enhancing the latest gadgets - as they also offer gold-plated Apple Watches, iPhones and iPads to consumers.

Be warned, though, these limited edition models will not come cheap, with a price tag of "a few thousand British pounds" for the console - which will be limited to a run of around 100 pieces. The company will also be offering both platinum and 18K gold-plated versions of the PS5, although these are still likely to be well beyond the pocket of most fans.

While these gold-plated models look set to be eye-popping in terms of their price, they will still fall well short of the £8,400 paid for a solid gold PlayStation 4 in Dubai back in 2014!

Although most will be more than happy to bag themselves a standard retail version of the PS5, Truly Exquisite seems confident that there is still a market for their high-end version - even in the tough economic climate that we now find ourselves in.

"We can not wait to start custom making these true beauties. Stay tuned and register your interest as we will have more information on pre-orders and distribution soon," reads their website.

Sony, of course, have yet to officially reveal the retail price of the PlayStation 5 themselves - and it is worth pointing out that the products being offered by Truly Exquisite do not appear to have any tie to the official manufacturer.

However, for those wanting a statement piece of hardware (and with ludicrous amounts of money to burn) a 24K PlayStation 5 more than fits the bill!

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