Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 tease trailers hint at exploding nuke


'Call of Duty: Warzone' has been a massive hit since its launch earlier this year, with millions of players dropping into the battlegrounds of the game’s fictional region Verdansk.

The map is huge, meaning there is plenty of room to be played about with by the game’s developers Infinity Ward.

Rumours of nukes hitting Verdansk spread like wildfire after players were able to access bunker 11, which within had a secret room which contained nuclear missiles.

The intel missions that can be completed in game after following a series of hints also suggest something big happening to Verdansk.

There are two changes to Verdansk coming that have already more or less been confirmed, with Infinity Ward already dropping teasers that show the stadium is soon to be accessible without players having to glitch their way into a hole in the stadium’s roof.

Another change to be expected soon is a loot train that will go round the map. In one of the game’s latest updates, the train track network that runs around the map had some obvious work put into it, with a tunnel now running through a hill at the back of hospital.

You can watch all three teaser trailers that have so far been released below.

Infinity Ward gave Twitch streamer TylerTeeP a first look at this teaser which hints towards a nuclear attack, which the streamer was then able to share with his audience.

The teaser shows footage from a security camera, which seemingly looks like its from inside the Verdansk stadium. In the 11-second clip, you can hear a rumble followed by a bright flash. The camera then cuts off, showing it has no signal.

Although it has not been confirmed that it is a nuclear detonation that we see in the footage, it’s hard to imagine that it could be anything else. However, others have stated that it could be an EMP strike, which of course would be a lot less dramatic.

Season 5 is set to start in early August, so there isn’t too much longer to wait to see what is going to happen.

Infinity Ward have already hinted they want in-game live events like Fortnite, so perhaps we could see the game's first one to end Season 4?

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