WWE news: 9 most X-rated moments from live sex celebration to John Cena spanking Stephanie McMahon


It's safe to say WWE has become a lot more child-friendly over the past decade or so.

However, if you travelled back to the mid-to-late 90s and even into the early 00s, there were plenty of x-rated moments that would shock fans today.

Of course, when WWE was piping hot during the Attitude Era, it was simple a case of anything goes and nothing is off limits.

Now due to being a PG show, they've had to dial things down a considerable amount, but that doesn't mean there are no x-rated moments in today's programming. 

Having said that, it's a completely different vibe to what WWE used to be, and in this article we're going to dive into the archives and dig up some of the most x-rated moments that have happened in the squared circle.

Strap yourself in, and take a trip down memory lane... surely you will remember most of these outrageous moments.

Edge & Lita's Live Sex Celebration

Where else could we possibly start?!

Edge & Lita's storylines over the years were truly iconic, in particular the one involving Matt Hardy, but when the former decided to celebrate his title win back in 2006 with a live sex celebration, things went into overdrive.

Mood lighting, a bed in the middle of the ring, and the whole world watching as Edge and Lita got 'freaky' under the sheets.

It's safe to say an angle and a segment like this would have no place in today's WWE, but at the time, it made for great television and you just know Vince McMahon was loving it backstage.

John Cena Spanks Stephanie McMahon

Yes you did read that right.

Back during his Dr. of Thuganomics days, John Cena had no limits, and even the boss' daughter wasn't safe from the rapper.

During a segment in the ring together, Cena asked if he could 'smack dat a**', to which Stephanie responded with 'put your money when your mouth is, I dare you.'

The next thing you know, Stephanie is bending over and Cena is slapping her backside.

Wonder what Triple H made of all this...

Mickie James' Finger Lick

"I came back through the curtain and Vince was really mad. In the moment it had seemed amazing to me. I thought 'Vince will love this'.

"'Crass' was the word I got. He didn't like it at all. He told me 'We're going to have to go back and edit that out. Do you know how much time (this will take)?'"

It's safe to say when Mickie James made a rather rude gesture straight down the camera lens, Vince McMahon wasn't happy.

During her match with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22, James grabbed her opponent in the private area, before going on to lick her fingers afterwards.

The whole storyline was based around how James was obsessed with Stratus, but maybe, just maybe, things went too far this time around.

Triple H & Trish Stratus Practising Locks

Another x-rated moment involving Trish Stratus, and this time it was when she was backstage with Triple H practising locks.

Sadly for the duo, they got into a rather provocative position just as Stephanie McMahon walked into the room.

Harmless fun, but what they were getting at was VERY obvious.

Kiss My A** Club

Ah yes, how can we forget when Vince McMahon created the infamous 'Kiss My A**' club.

Do we really need to say anymore on the subject? It's pretty self explanatory and everyone remembers William Regal dropping to one knee in order to pucker up and kiss Vince's backside!

If you don't remember, here's a clip for you to watch...

Trish And The Tables

Trish is back, folks!

Remember how much Bubba Ray Dudley loved tables? Well he probably loved them even more when Trish started to act seductively around them. No, seriously, she got seductive around tables.

Bubba REALLY wanted to put Trish though a table, and it's safe to say that desire only ramped up after these smokey segments.

Alexa Bliss Getting Changed

Oh so we do have a modern day x-rated moment!

Okay, you don't actually see anything, and it's not exactly that rude, but you know what WWE were trying to get at when they had Alexa Bliss getting changed in a locker room only for someone to walk in on her.

With no top on, it's as close to x-rated as we're going to get in today's era of WWE.


Batista & Melina

Melina simply wanted the monster that is Batista to go easy on her boys Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro... what a great manager!

Yes, backstage Melina gave Batista a rather nice treat to try and get him on side and to try and convince him not to hurt her stable.

After a steamy moment together, Batista simply thanked Melina for the warm-up, and then continued to destroy his opponents.

Smart that from Batista.

Mandy Rose & Jimmy Uso

Another modern storyline, and this time it involves Mandy Rose trying to steal Naomi's husband Jimmy Uso.

Inviting him to hotel rooms, wearing his merchandise and just in general being rather irresistible gave Rose and Uso a perfect x-rated storyline.

Of course, similar to the Alexa Bliss segment, it's not as raunchy as what we used to see on our TV screens, but again, it's the PG era remember.

So there you have it, there are nine of WWE's most x-rated moments, ranging from a live sex celebration to a tease in a hotel room.

WWE have certainly had some rather memorable x-rated moments, and we're sure they will continue to push the boundaries as much as they possibly can.

However, in this day and age, there isn't much scope for that sort of segment, and we'd be surprised to see anything more naughty than the Alexa Bliss and Mandy Rose segments.

Wrestling has changed drastically over the last decade or so, and let's be honest, it's changed for a good thing. The women are now being praised for their in-ring ability rather than their sex appeal, and that's something we should all applaud.

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