Silverstone offered to host 12 races in order to help 2020 Formula One season


As we all know too well now, the sporting calendar for 2020 has been ripped apart.

Whether it be football, cricket, golf, tennis, boxing or Formula One, the ongoing coronavirus has caused mayhem for sport around the world.

Luckily, however, it seems things are slowly getting back on track, and the same can be said for Formula One... pardon the pun.

With three races now under their belt for the 2020 season, it seems like the F1 season will now progress with minimal fuss, but with the state of the world changing every day, it's very hard to say that for certain.

After two races in Austria, won by Mercedes men Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton, the third race of the season took place last weekend in Hungary, again won by Mercedes' Hamilton.

Now, all eyes turn to Silverstone as the British Grand Prix takes centre stage next weekend on August 2.

However, it has since emerged that that wasn't the only race Silverstone were willing to host.

"We said, 'we'll support however we can' - within the grounds of reasonableness," Stuart Pringle, Silverstone's managing director, told Autosport of the circuit's negotiations with F1.


"But at one stage we offered to make the track available for a period of months.

"If they could get a championship away from one location - at one stage it looked like nothing could happen and the answer was 'ship in the Italian teams and Swiss team, and the Pirelli guys, and park them at Silverstone for a couple of months and run 12 races around Silverstone and make television if that's what you need?'.

"The view was taken pretty quickly that that would be a bit dull, but they came back and said 'actually, two [would] be quite helpful'.

"And if you bag, within the first month, half the races you need for a world championship by going to two venues that you know you can control with a tight bubble, quarantine, whatever, then that's a massive leg up on your journey towards securing eight races for a world championship."

The 70th anniversary Grand Prix will also take place at Silverstone on August 9, so they will be the two races held in England before heading back abroad to Spain on August 16.

GIVEMESPORT's Alex Batt says...

You've got to agree that 12 races around the same track would eventually get pretty dull, especially when you'd imagine it would be the Mercedes drivers winning the majority of those.


However, any sport is deemed good sport right now, so it wouldn't have been the end of the world if we had to settle for 12 Grands Prix on the same track.

Luckily for us spectators, other circuits became available, so instead of having 12 races, we are having two, which is more than acceptable.

It does certainly feel as close to normal as we can get right now, so Formula 1 do need to be applauded for the efforts they are putting in.

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