Seniesa Estrada's seven-second knockout is being slammed by boxing fans


Over the last 24 hours, footage has emerged of Seniesa Estrada's devastating combination which reduced her opponent to the canvas after just seven seconds - a record breaking win in women's boxing. 

"It was lamb versus lion," the DAZN commentator stated as the referee waved off the fight. "It is over. The quickest knockout in women's boxing history."

Although Estrada's bullish performance has been etched into the history books, many fans and professionals have questioned the safety protocols surrounding this fight. 

A 28-year-old Estrada entered the fight with an undefeated record and 18 bouts to her name. In the opposing corner, Estrada's challenger Miranda Adkins was set to compete in just her sixth professional fight at the age of 42. 

Adkins only took to the sport two years prior and, before taking on Estrada, fought a handful of debutants from the Kansas vicinity. 

Estrada, not wasting any time, stormed across the ring in an immediate fashion and unleashed a handful of blows to Adkins' unprotected head.

Although this was celebrated as a historic night for women's boxing, the criticism soon followed. Legendary boxing trainer Russ Abner took to Instagram to share his concerns. 


"In my 40+ years in this game, I have seen some terrible s***," Abner explained. "However, this ranks up there as one of the most sickening, disgusting things I have ever seen.

"Whoever was responsible for sending that poor, helpless woman into the ring should be tried for premeditated assault! You should be ashamed of yourselves. May this vision haunt you for the rest of your lives! You are disgusting!

"I am sickened and embarrassed for boxing! Who the f*** let this happen!??"

Former WBO cruiserweight Enzo Maccarenelli took to Twitter to describe the bout as a terrible mismatch, while esteemed boxing reporter Kevin Iole documented the fight as "one of the worst things he's ever seen".

In response to the criticsm, Estrada praised her opponent by applauding her courage to take the fight. 

"Due to the COVID situation, we tried to get current or former champions, and Miranda was the only one who stepped up to the fight." 

She later added: "I knew the outcome would be a knockout, for sure. But I didn’t know how long it would take. God bless Adkins and I hope she is OK."

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