Floyd Mayweather names controversial list of the five best boxers of all time


The age-old question of 'who are the best fighters of all time' is something which will always be up for debate.

However, on this occasion, it appears Floyd Mayweather has taken the weight on his shoulders and produced his very own top five list.  

Mayweather, who was named as Boxrec's top fighter back in June, recently spoke to Fat Joe on his Instagram live, where the social media influencer asked the former undefeated champion to reveal his coveted list. 

Obviously, 'Money' Mayweather went for himself as number one. No surprises there. However, to the consternation of some fans, a handful of boxing superstars missed the cut.

"OK, we’ll go Money Mayweather. Then we got to go Pernell Whitaker and imma go Roberto Duran. Man, you put me in a tight predicament."

Mayweather paused to reflect on other fighters before going on to finish the remainder of his top five. 

"As far as with the heavyweights, I’m going to be honest, I’ve got to go Larry Holmes," Mayweather revealed. 


To Fat Joe's astonishment, the influencer responded to Mayweather and queried whether Larry Holmes was better than the likes of Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali.

Mayweather quickly replied: "Do you want me to give you the breakdown?

"Larry Holmes beat everybody in his era. When Larry Holmes got beat by Mike Tyson, he got beat by a young hungry champion and he came out of a year's retirement and got beat by Tyson," he explained. 

“I’ve got to say, Larry Holmes had the basic fundamentals. He had the jab and even right now he’s still living a great life because he made smart investments.

"So he was good from the beginning of his career to the end of his career."


A slightly wayward pick in the eyes of boxing fans, however, it's clear that Mayweather values the core abilities of a boxer, which is why Holmes got the nod on this occasion.

To round off Money's top five, Aaron Pryor gets the nod. 

"The only reason why Aaron Pryor lost a fight was because of drugs, he lost only one fight." 

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