AEW news: Brandi Rhodes forced to turn DMs off due to fans sending x-rated pictures


Ordinary people, albeit famous and in the public eye, can no longer seem to be able have a normal social media life because they are constantly bombarded by inappropriate content.

Sadly that is something wrestler, ring announcer, model, businesswoman, television personality and general all-rounder Brandi Rhodes has found out.

The 37-year-old known for her many talents and figure - due to her previous years modelling - has been forced to turn her Twitter direct messages off. After opening them to the public, she has since been bombarded by rude and inappropriate content.

Brandi, who is also a former figure skater and news reporter, now performs in the role of chief brand officer for All Elite Wrestling. It is a platform that gives independent, fresh young individuals, or experienced wrestlers who have left a certain WWE, with bags of talent the opportunity to perform on TV.

Part of Brandi's reasons for opening her Twitter direct messages to the public was so she could attract new business using a platform that is successful in doing so. She opened her messages so that wrestlers, sponsors or anyone with any other business opportunities were able to contact and provide her with what she was looking for in order to get the company up off the ground.

However, in doing so, rather than being inundated with business proposals, she found herself being inundated with a different kind of proposal, the ones coming from nude pics and other rude content.

In a recent interview with CHRISTY, Brandi said: “I actually stopped looking at DMs.


“I’ve stopped accepting direct messages.

“For a while, I had them open because I wanted, if there were real opportunities in the first year that people really wanted to communicate about, different partnership opportunities or non-profit organizations, things I should know about, I wanted that to be open.

“But there is a limit to what I can handle of people sending me pictures of their genitalia.

“So I’m not open publicly to DMs anymore.”


It becomes a real shame when people, no matter their status in the world, in this modern day and age cannot use a social media platform to help promote their business because of a small number of people acting inappropriately.

This is clearly becoming a real fight in this modern era and the sooner stricter rules and punishments can be put in place the quicker people like Brandi can begin gaining some professional business for her company without having to worry about what content she will see when opening up new messages.

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