Eddie Hall training his abs for Hafthor Bjornsson fight is painful just to watch


What better way to work on your abs then getting punched in the stomach by Eddie “the Beast” Hall during a full body workout.

The former World’s Strongest Man took to YouTube to show fans a 12-minute video of himself and his training partner Patrick taking on a number of exercises to help build up the glutes and muscles in their legs and body, while also showing they can have a bit of fun at the same time.

Their full workout list included; Isometric exercises with the legs, safety bar squats, good mornings and hip thrusts followed by work on the biceps and abs.

Starting off with stop steps, which are pretty much like step ups, they, each with a kettlebell to hand, took it in turns to strengthen their leg muscles and upper body strength.

During a break from the first exercise, Hall said: “Steps ups are a great way to activate all the muscles in the leg. The quads, the glutes, the hamstrings.”

Hall goes on to add: “Because you are doing them single leg and then going onto the squats, the legs are fully awake,” and having legs that are “fully awake” is a key factor when doing any sort of exercise.

If the legs are half asleep, then you risk serious injury as they hold the rest of the body up and one wrong move or weak muscle could be fatal.


Moving on to the next part of the workout, Eddie and Patrick lifted weights resting on their upper neck, also known as “good mornings” because of the way you have to bow over as if you are saying good morning and then get back up into position again.

Both men were alternating with 154lb/70kg and 198lb/90kg, but surely for Eddie this sort of thing is a walk in the park as he is used to lifting heavier items and used to hold the deadlift world record for lifting 500kg.

Having an insight into the way that athletes work out and how they gain the stamina, strength and muscles is always nice to see. You are able to see the work they put in, and then it makes it clearer that the blood, sweat and tears has come from years of hard work.

At the end of the session, both men were in good spirits despite the exhausting workout. Eddie was happy with the way they “blasted the glutes” and Patrick couldn’t help but pick on Eddie for “copying his stance” in how they were standing.

Despite a long and hard workout, Eddie mentioned their day of hard work was not quite finished. He added they had to ‘have food, jump in the cryotherapy machine, have a bit of a nap and then boxing.’

Already holding the title for the World’s Strongest Man of 2017, the amount of work Eddie is putting in clearly shows he has a lot more he wants to achieve.

How much more work can Eddie actually put in and just how much stronger is he willing to get..?

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