Floyd Mayweather accuses Conor McGregor of being racist during promotional tour in 2017


Three years on from the bout which changed the face of competitive fighting, Floyd Mayweather's victory over Conor McGregor has made the headlines once again. 

Following the bout, rumours circulated regarding whether a rematch would occur between the pair. However, it appears that round two of the greatly anticipated fight is now off the cards, according to Mayweather. 

Ahead of their 2017 blockbuster bout, McGregor made an array of comments which is now perceived to be offensive. The Irishman used words such as "monkeys" and "boys", which can be considered as a derogatory remark towards Mayweather's ethnic race.

These remarks arose in a pre-fight press conference, while in another interview ahead of the fight, McGregor was questioned who would leave the ring victorious in a fight between himself and Rocky Balboa.

Unaware as to which Rocky the interviewer was referring to, McGregor paused and then later responded by saying: “I’m trying to remember which one was Rocky III. Was that the one in the celebrity gym?

"I can’t remember if that’s the one with the dancing monkeys or not.”

In response to these racial remarks, McGregor labelled these accusations as "f****** ridiculous". McGregor reflected on his previous 2017 response and said that his monkey reference related to the specialised gym and circus-like atmosphere in Rocky III, and not to the colour of Mayweather's skin.


Despite McGregor's clarification, Mayweather seemingly hasn't forgotten the Irishman's words, as he recently discussed the Black Lives Matter movement and reflected on McGregor's previous remarks.

"We should all be equal," the undefeated fighter told World Boxing News. "It's just like what people are fighting for now.

"Don’t judge me for the colour of my skin and I won’t judge you for the colour of yours.

When Conor McGregor said disrespectful stuff talking about ‘dance boy’ they called us monkeys, nobody got behind Floyd Mayweather.

"This is so crazy."


Regarding whether he would take on his former opponent once again, Mayweather silenced the rumours. 

"I’m a businessman now. I already proved years ago that I was the best – period.

“Listen, I made more with McGregor - my caculties and everything else comes first.

"Your health is your wealth.

"Now Pacquiao fights because he has to. I fight if I want to. So there is the difference.”

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