Lionel Messi produces incredible trick shot for new Pepsi advert


Lionel Messi is, in the eyes of many football fans, the greatest player of all time.

The Barcelona and Argentina legend, who has won a record-breaking six Ballon d’Or awards during his illustrious career, is certainly part of the conversation.

Only a handful of players in history have ever scaled the lofty heights that Messi has.

And in terms of natural ability, perhaps only Diego Maradona rivals the 33-year-old.

Messi isn’t necessarily the most skilful of footballers in terms of fancy flicks and tricks like, say, Neymar is.

But when it comes to beating opponents with feints and quick feet, there’s nobody better.


Messi, as we’ve seen countless times down the years, is more than capable of leaving a trail of opponents on their backsides after a mesmerising run.

He’s also unrivalled for pinpoint accuracy. No player has scored more free-kicks over the past few years than the little magician.

Speaking of pinpoint accuracy, a video has just been released of Messi executing an incredible trick shot for a new Pepsi advert.


Messi stacks two Pepsi cans on top of each other before volleying a tennis ball at the bottom can, leaving the top can to fall to the ground, balancing perfectly upright in the process.

Watch the video here…

Now, is the clip real or fake? This is the question that’s likely to cause arguments among football fans on social media.

If there’s one footballer capable of executing this particular trick shot, though, it is Messi.

The South American was at the centre of a real or fake debate following a previous Pepsi advert in 2019.

On that occasion, he produced the most outrageous bottle flip challenge we’ve ever seen.

Watch it here…

We’d love to believe that both tricks are the result of Messi’s brilliance, rather than clever CGI.

So unless proved otherwise, that’s precisely what we’ll do.

Leo, we salute you!

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