MMA news: Fighter gets disqualified after refusing to let go of submission and attacking referee


Mixed martial artist Ahmad Al Darmaki was disqualified at UAE Warriors 12 in Abu Dhabi after failing to relinquish a chokehold, despite his opponent visibly losing consciousness and tapping out.

The featherweight challenger submitted opponent Bogdan Kirilenko via rear-naked choke in the first round, but after refusing to release the hold, referee Marc Goddard intervened and subsequently disqualified Al Darmaki.

Immediately after being separated from Kirilenko, Al Darmaki confronted Britain’s Goddard - who himself is a former MMA fighter.

Al Darmaki was unsuccessful in his attempt to grab Goddard by the throat, after repeatedly pushing and shoving the significantly larger referee.

His lack of class and professionalism resulted in his victory being stricken from the record, and instead replaced with a disqualification loss.

Just imagine doing the hard work, and then completely losing your rag right at the end. Ridiculous behaviour.

Watch the ridiculous ending to the fight below.

The controversial ending to the fight caused a storm on social media, with Twitter user Farah Hannoun deeming Al Darmaki’s actions “inexcusable.” Whilst long-time MMA aficionado Ariel Helwani commended Goddard’s performance, stating that he did a 'great job,' before adding Al Darmaki should be suspended and fined.

Goddard is no stranger to run-ins with fighters in the cage.

In 2017, former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor was involved in an altercation with Goddard at a Bellator event. The Notorious one was ecstatic with stablemate Charlie Ward’s win over John Redmond, and after jumping the cage to celebrate, found himself in a tussle with Goddard.

Birmingham-based Goddard seemed in good spirits after his latest controversial encounter, tweeting: “All in a days work! Man, am I ready for home!”

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