WWE news: The two potential dates for the 2020 WWE Draft revealed

The WWE draft will take place again this year

WWE fans were excited when the brand split returned in 2016.

For five years, we'd seen stars appear on both SmackDown and RAW and there was little competition between the two shows.

But that's all changed for the better and despite a few confusing 'Wild Card rules', it seems Vince McMahon has no intention of dropping the split.

In fact, if reports are to be believed, he's planning for the future and the next WWE Draft will take place later this year. 

In 2019, we were treated to both a Superstar Shake-up in April and a draft in October (following the debut of SmackDown on FOX). 

That was the first time ever WWE had held two such events in the same year and the second saw some big moves.

SmackDown notably acquired 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt, Sasha Banks and current Universal Champion Braun Strowman. 

SmackDown acquired two top stars in 2019

(Photo credit: WWE)

RAW picked a number of big names including Kevin Owens, Randy Orton and Charlotte Flair.

The 2020 Draft 

So, what happens next? Well according to Dave Meltzer, who's been speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE have been considering five possible dates for this year's draft.

Those have since been narrowed down to two - and both are in October. 

The draft will likely take place in October

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It seems that in less than three months, the roster will be given another shake-up. 

That news should excite fans. The draft is always interesting and it's good to see WWE are committed to making it an annual event.

On the move

With two potential draft dates set, we can't wait to find out who will be shifted between brands.

Both shows have their established stars, with Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre dominating RAW, while Strowman and Wyatt are at the top of the card on SmackDown. 

Orton and McIntyre are dominating RAW

(Photo credit: WWE)

It's hard to picture any of those guys moving, but it's also interesting to think about what will happen to those who are absent due to the coronavirus.

We haven't seen Roman Reigns or Sami Zyan - two of SmackDown's biggest names - in months. Will they be top picks in the 2020 draft when it happens? Only time will tell.    

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