WWE news: Furious Vince McMahon calls 'horrible' four-hour meeting to slam writers

Vince is said to be unhappy with WWE's writers

It's no secret that WWE's ratings have been falling this year and actually, it's not even their fault.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced shows behind-closed-doors and without a live crowd, wrestling simply isn't the same. 

Fear not, though, because Vince McMahon won't take this lying down.

He could have shut down production in March, in line with everything else in the world... but he didn't.

Instead, WWE has pushed on regardless of the current situation and in some ways, you have to admire that.

But the ratings continue to fall and in the build-up to SummerSlam, that certainly isn't good.

While COVID-19 is no doubt a factor in the slide, it could also be blamed on the writing too. 

Fans think WWE has gone stale recently

For years, fans have complained that the product is stale and it seems McMahon is actively trying to do something about it now. 

According to Ringside News, this has been 'one of the hardest weeks in recent memory for the WWE writing staff'.

The website was told that some writers are comparing their workload to WrestleMania and that McMahon held a 'horrible' four-hour meeting with his staff on Friday.

McMahon held a four-hour meeting with his writers on Friday

During that, he apparently hated everything writers were pitching for RAW and approved just four of the 32 segments that were pitched. 

That's absolutely crazy. It sounds like Monday's show will be one to watch... for better or for worse. 

Many fans have slated WWE's recent product, but for Vince to go in and slam his writers in a four-hour meeting probably won't help the situation. 

McMahon's meeting may not have helped

In fact, sources have told Ringside News that a 'lack of leadership is causing the least creative environment you can possibly imagine'. 

There's never a dull day in WWE, is there?

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