Lazzarini Design Studio designs luxury superyacht that comes with own Bugatti supercar


Do you have a spare £25 million floating around?

Yes? Well if you are one of those lucky people that fall into that category, then at the top of the list would surely be a luxury superyacht!

If that was not enough, the Lazzarini Design Studio, based in Rome, have decided to throw in a Bugatti Supercar worth £2.5 million for absolutely free.

This proclaimed ‘Hyperyacht’ is called The Xenos and was created by Italian designer Pierpalo Lazzarini, who has a number of years in the automotive field and is now a freelance designer.

When asked about his bullet yacht, Lazzarini said: “It can travel up to 90 knots, making it the fastest 130-footer in the world.

“It measures in at 130 feet long and 26 feet in width and is made up of carbon and aluminium, with integrated solar panels.”

It has the added benefit of being fitted with COVID-19 safety features, incorporating an air sanitation recycling system and thermal scanners to monitor temperatures from a safe distance.

On the upper deck there is a rather expansive lounge, and if that was not enough, on the lower floor there are three spacious and luxurious suites, a gallery and a living room.

In addition, this hyper-water vehicle also includes an adjustable bridge, which allows your matching Bugatti to drive straight off the dock, allowing your seamless transition from water to land travel.

So in summary, you will have access to one of the fastest boats and cars in the world at your fingertips.

It is, therefore, certainly at the top of most people’s fantasy lists in what you would buy if you ever win the lottery!

We can only dream of such luxuries.

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