Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 will drop tomorrow but it will be massive to download


As 'Call of Duty: Warzone’ Season 5 drops tomorrow, more hints have been given with the install size.

The next installment of ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ and 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' is set to arrive within the next day and fans have been given an insight of what to expect in Season 5.

The game will see brand new content on show and changes to the Infinity Ward-developed shooter and will go live tomorrow morning.

Fans will need a pretty hefty chunk of storage to get the new updates to the game, however, with PlayStation 4 taking up a mammoth 36GB with 90GB needed to commence the new storage.

It is not yet known what the storage size will be for Xbox One and PC as the pre-download hasn’t been available, but it is sure to be as big as the PS4 has suggested.

Production director of Infinity Ward Paul Haile has been giving fans an insight on Twitter, and whilst he says the update will be massive, he's also confirmed that the size of the game will shrink on your consoles after you download the patch.

In a series of tweets, Haile said: “Hey all - Season 5 is coming soon, and it's big.  with the update, we're including all the new content for the season as well as optimising our asset packs.

“This means the download will be big, but the overall size of the game will actually shrink on your consoles after you download the patch, even though we're adding a bunch of new content for the season.”

Haile also went on to add that it was their priority to work on reducing the size of Modern Warfare and Warzone for gamers' hard-drives, but aiming to deliver new seasons for everyone to enjoy.

There are still some details that are yet to be revealed, but last week it was announced that there will be operators in the form of the Shadow Company.

Another trailer also showed the Verdansk Stadium roof being blown off, so fans will be interested to see what is new to the game.

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