FIFA 21: Trent Alexander-Arnold's trademark 'whipped cross' will feature in the game

Trent Alexander-Arnold in FIFA 21

Trent Alexander-Arnold has redefined the full-back role since breaking into Liverpool's first-team.

The English right-back operates as almost a false number 10 on the right-hand side for the Reds, creating a serious amount of chances each game.

Alexander-Arnold has provided 25 assists in the Premier League in the past two seasons, with 13 of them coming in 2019/20.

Many of his assists are down to his unique crossing ability and FIFA players will now be able to emulate the Liverpool man's deadly passes from out wide on FIFA 21.

EA Sports have announced that a new 'whipped cross' will feature in the new game and it's based on the exploits of Alexander-Arnold.

TAA in action

"Inspired by Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold, these fast and dangerous crosses travel through the box and are perfect for a teammate to just ‘put their head in the way," EA write in their official Pitch Notes.

To perform the cross, players simply have to press R1/RB + L1/LB + ⬜/X. 

Forget 'Bend it like Beckham', FIFA 21 is all about 'Whip it like Trent'!

Now, FIFA players will rightly ask; but what difference will the 'whipped cross' make if heading is the same on FIFA 21 as it is on FIFA 20?

If it were, the new feature would be completely useless. However, EA Sports have also announced drastic changes to that very department in the form of 'manual heading'.

This will allow gamers to have full control of the power and trajectory of a header, with an increased chance of scoring goals as a result.

"When playing with this option, your headers will not be assisted in any way, with the aim and power used when performing the header determining the initial target for the header before the header is than potentially impacted by error," EA add in their Pitch Notes.

"We believe that this functionality will allow for more opportunities to use heading to create or convert offensive chances, while sticking to the intention of having most of the goals scored be the result of direct player action."

You just know within days of release everyone will be moaning about 'overpowered headers'...

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