PlayStation 5 release price: Retail website potentially leaks how much console will cost


The much-anticipated arrival of the next generation of gaming consoles is almost here and one big question gamers have for Sony and Microsoft is how much will these consoles cost?

When the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were first released back in 2013, there was some backlash over pricing, especially for Microsoft.

The PS4 launched at $399 and the Xbox One released at $499, a price that was scoffed at by many, with the majority of gamers opting for the cheaper console.

The question of how much will the PlayStation 5 cost has seemingly been answered by the French once again.

A couple of months ago, the PS5 was advertised on Amazon France and now it’s appeared on a major French retailer’s site, for the same price that was displayed on Amazon France.

The PS5 has now appeared on Carrefour’s website, with both the standard and digital editions of the console being listed for sale. Of course, the prices displayed are in Euros and it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the price will be converted straight into other currencies.

So, how much will a PS5 set you back?


Well, according to the major French retailer, the standard edition of the console will be €499 (around £447) and the digital version of the console will be a lot cheaper at €399 (around £360.) But again, the prices may not be straight converted.

It is expected, however, that Sony will find a middle ground between the release prices of the PS3 and PS4 (£425 and £349 respectively) Sony have already made it clear they do not want to make the same mistake they made with the extortionate release price of the PS3.

There has been a lot of debate on how much the PS5 will cost on release, with many of those involved in the industry predicting that the console will not cost more than $499.

There has also been rumours that Sony will release some more news on the PS5 later this month, so here is to hoping that we will finally find out how much the PS5 will burn out our wallets.

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