Jordan Henderson's iconic 'Hendo Shuffle' is now on Fortnite


Following Liverpool winning the Premier League, a new emote in 'Fortnite' has been added - ‘raise the cup’.

This has prompted @DaveOCKOP on Twitter to name the new emote more fittingly the ‘Hendo Shuffle,’ as it's clearly impersonating the Liverpool captain and how he's lifted trophies in recent years.

With the all new Chapter Two Season 4 being added alongside the new update, many Fortnite fans have been eagerly awaiting the new map changes and new emotes. 

One of the new emotes just so happens to be prompted by the Premier League and Champions League trophy lift by Liverpool's skipper. 

When the emote is performed, the character starts by holding the trophy low, building tension, before eventually lifting it. 

Confetti then falls elegantly from above while the character jumps around showing the trophy to all of the thousands of fans watching them do so, well not quite thousands, but you get the idea. 

Anyhow, a glorious moment for Liverpool fans nonetheless and one they will surely cherish for years to come. 

You’ll Never Walk Alone can even be heard playing, further setting in stone the suggestion that this is directly added as a result of Liverpool’s title success. 

Despite this new emote, Fortnite are still at an all-time low in global players, as well as slowly declining in viewership and new players. 

Competitive Fortnite is still being played, however, the cash prizes have rapidly decreased after the game has seen some of its main streamers, such as Ninja and Tfue, flee to Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Although Fortnite has been slowly on the decline since the introduction of Chapter Two, Epic Games still earn a pretty penny, certainly enough to employ big game developers in order to produce new content in a last ditch attempt to reach the close to peak numbers that they were so used to seeing. 

In the newest update, which saw the introduction of Chapter Two Season 4, your character can now drive random cars around the map. 

Despite at first seeming like a good idea, many have criticised how overdue this was, with many avid Fortnite players complaining that this should have been added much earlier. 

As well as the new emote, there has also been another interesting addition to the cosmetic side of the game. 

This is the ‘Hulk Smashers’. 

The Hulk Smashers are a ‘pickaxe’, well not quite, however, they destroy things as a pickaxe does. 

The Hulk Smashers are definitely a good addition as, again, this may attract new and old players alike. 

This was proven before by the addition of Deadpool as a henchman boss.

Deadpool being added into the game brought a lot of Marvel fans’ attention to Fortnite, therefore being a very good marketing move for Epic Games on the whole. 

Despite all these new additions being cool, especially with the all new ‘Hendo Shuffle’, perhaps the greatest new inclusion is the one of the new point of interest in ‘Atlantis’. 

With the introduction of Atlantis, this again creates hype and excitement, potentially bringing back old players and enticing new ones. 

Although all of the new additions are exciting, it has to be the ‘Raise the Cup’ emote that takes top spot as the best new addition to Season 4 Chapter Two.

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