PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Why the PS5 will be the better next-gen console


After seven years of relative ceasefire between the two tech giants, we are once again approaching the time where the two familiar foes compete for our attention, and more importantly, our wallets.

Both companies have been showcasing their hardware over the last few months and there’s still much more to be revealed.

Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on either console until autumn, but here’s five reasons why it should be the PlayStation 5 you are buying this Holiday season.


In terms of performance, on paper the consoles appear to be on a level playing field. Both have an impressive spec sheet and promise to be the most powerful games consoles ever released. Good news for fans of their ears is that a Solid-State Drive will be used on the PS5. This is a much faster and quieter storage method meaning the console will not sound like a Boeing 747 is parked in your living room.

Although the Xbox Series X appears slightly more powerful on paper, reports from a video game engineer Ali Salehi in a recent interview suggest this may not be the case. Despite having a slightly more powerful GPU (the part of the console that generates graphics), Salehi suggests due to the Xbox being a more complicated console, it will be more difficult for the Xbox to reach its full potential.

Although, without a hands-on experience with the consoles, it’s impossible to know for sure. It does appear, however, the PS5 will be able to reach its performance easily.


Although the way a console looks doesn’t seem like a key factor in deciding which console to buy, it’s important to remember it will be sitting on your desk or under your TV for years to come.


The design of both consoles couldn’t be more different. The PS5 looks futuristic, perhaps even more impressive than the 8K graphics it can produce. The Xbox Series X, however, is brought to you by the design team of the highly popular breeze block; looking more like a fridge than a games console.

Comparing the design of these two is on a similar level to comparing the artistic merits of the Mona Lisa and Timmy from class 2’s drawing of a car using PVA glue and snot.

The PS5 is a clear winner in terms of design, unless your living room is crying out for an elaborate ash tray to sit under the TV.

VR Gaming

The PS5 has the clear advantage when it comes to Virtual Reality gaming, a newly expanding technology and one set to take the gaming world by storm.

Anyone who has used a VR headset before knows the incredible (although slightly terrifying) feeling of stepping inside the game; and this technology only looks set to improve with the PS5.

With Microsoft having revealed no plans for a VR system, they look to fall far behind their competition in this regard. So, for fans of this technology the PS5 is the clear choice.



Although both consoles boast an impressive list of exclusive titles, on the PS5, these will actually be exclusive. All Xbox Series X games will also be available to PC users, removing the true exclusivity of the titles.

The PS5 also has the advantage in terms of the titles on offer, with blockbuster titles such as Gran Turismo 7 and a new Spider-Man game. In contrast, Xbox appears to be relying on the Halo franchise to prop up its much smaller current list of exclusives.


The controller is arguably one of the most important factors in deciding your console of choice, after all, it’s the only bit you actually touch.

While both controllers strongly resemble their predecessors, Sony’s new ‘DualSense’ controller boasts some impressive features. Most noticeably, the haptic feedback triggers allow the resistance of the triggers to change depending on the situation. For example, in a racing game, the resistance will change depending on the road surface.


The controller also has a built-in microphone, allowing you to communicate with friends far more easily, although there is no guarantee you’ll want to hear what they say back!


Although at the moment it’s difficult to make any predictions without using either console, it appears the PS5 is the right horse to back; it also appears to be the most popular one, with a recent survey of 3,000 comic con fans saying the PS5 was the console they were most excited about, receiving almost six times the number of votes.

Regardless of all the unknowns surrounding the launch of both consoles, one certainty is that it will be the PS5 sitting on my desk come release day.

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