UFC news: Joe Rogan got absolutely shredded after doing carnivore diet


Joe Rogan has shown off his new physique after going on a carnivore diet back in January.

Rogan claimed on his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ that he had been ‘fat-shamed’ last year after weighing himself at 205lbs (14.5st).

The 52-year-old UFC commentator decided to cut out all fruits, vegetables and nuts from his diet, and completed the challenge as part of ‘World Carnivore Month’.

The end result was a loss of 12lbs over the course of the month and a seriously shredded body.

Rogan is no stranger to the gym, although vowed to make himself even healthier in the New Year and decided to take up the diet.

Rogan suffers from the auto-immune disorder Vitiligo, which causes certain areas of the skin to turn pale as a result of destroyed pigment cells.

He said that his condition improved in January following the diet, but said that he did not know whether his new regime had a direct impact.


In addition, he also revealed that his energy levels had fluctuated prior to the diet.

In an Instagram post showing off his new physique, Rogan explained: “I had a belly; a lot of people made fun of me, fat-shamed me. I lost all my fat, I lost the belly, I lost my love handles.

“I don’t know if I’m gonna keep eating like this, but it was tremendously beneficial.

“I went into this thing thinking this carnivore diet was wacky and probably thought it was nonsense, but this is as good as I’ve felt in a long time and it’s just one month.”

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Despite Rogan’s success, many mainstream institutions and agencies, such as the USDA, recommend against a carnivore diet over a more well-balanced one.

Rogan’s popularity has arguably risen over the course of this year, and he announced in May that his podcast has agreed a multi-licensing deal with Spotify, worth around $100 million.

He is still a regular on the UFC scene in his roles as commentator and interviewer, with UFC 3: Miocic v Cormier 3 set to take place on August 15.

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