WWE news: Remembering the greatest ever ending to SmackDown


Since its inception in 1999, SmackDown has had some iconic episode endings over the years.

The WWE's Friday night show attracts millions of viewers every week from around the world, with fans eager to see what storyline the franchise will come up with next.

Yet, despite there being plenty of competition, SmackDown surely had its greatest ending ever back in 2001.

In the lead up to that year's Survivor Series, the main event saw The Rock in trouble as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle worked together to leave 'The People's Champion' seemingly helpless.

That was until a whole host of legendary superstars arrived on the scene, which is just a stark reminder of how stacked the WWE locker room was back in the early 00s.

In just over a minute of exhilarating action, there were simply too many finishing moves to count. 

The Brothers of Destruction Kane and The Undertaker, delivered their trademark 'Chokeslams', whilst other household names such as Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam and The Big Show also got in on the act.


'Y2J' performed 'The Lionsault' to perfection, only to then be on the receiving end of a 'Five Star Frog Splash' from RVD, before The Big Show produced a devastating right hand to send Shane McMahon to the canvas.

Absolute carnage, but absolute must-see TV all at the same time. Something WWE has seriously lacked in recent years.

After a flurry of finishers from Superstars running down the ramp and entering the ring, it was then the original three competitors came back into the picture.

After Kurt Angle had shown tremendous strength to 'Angle Slam' Big Show to the mat, The Rock returned to perform a bone-crunching 'Rock Bottom'. He hardly had time to celebrate, however, before Stone Cold Steve Austin delivered the final blow, nailing The Rock with a classic 'Stone Cold Stunner'.

Of course, The Rock sold it a treat... as he always used to do.

It was a truly chaotic conclusion to the night, with a fitting ending as arguably the biggest icon of that era of wrestling was left as the final man standing.

This finale also represented how popular WWE was during this period. Each wrestler involved had a strong fan-base throughout the 'Attitude Era' before moving into the 'Ruthless Aggression Era'. 

Sadly, viewing figures have dwindled in the years since, as fans of the Attitude Era have turned away from the seemingly too PG content, as the company tries to find the next batch of superstars who can replicate the success of the early 2000s.

Although stacked with brilliant wrestlers and great talent, they just aren't the same anymore and they aren't as over as some of these guys were.

Just looking at this clip you had so many WWE legends and Hall of Famers, and that's excluding some massive names as well.

Can this SmackDown ending ever be bettered? It will take something exceptional to ever surpass that crazy finish from 19 years ago.

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