Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction after Geoff Shreeves accused him of diving in 2007


Last month, we brought you a story of when Sir Alex Ferguson confronted Sky Sports reporter Geoff Shreeves over his Cristiano Ronaldo comments.

Shreeves suggested Ronaldo dived to win a penalty in an FA Cup quarter-final against Middlesbrough in 2007 during a post-match interview – something which left Ferguson fuming.

In a recent column for The Times, Shreeves told the story.

“The biggest [issue] was Cristiano Ronaldo going over for a penalty against Middlesbrough,” Shreeves wrote.

“We had a huge falling out which threatened to get very out of hand in the tunnel. Fergie came after me physically, never got there. People jumped in.” 

Shreeves claims that Sir Alex then told him to ‘f*** off’, to which the reporter replied: “Don’t talk to me like that. If you want to behave civilly, fine.” 

“Fergie was in the right and I was in the wrong and I addressed that with him. We sorted it out very amicably, very quickly and it was never mentioned again.”

Now, we’ve discovered the interview that Fergie was fuming with.

Shreeves asks Ronaldo multiple questions about THAT penalty incident.

  • “Cristiano, only one place to start, was it a penalty?”
  • “As soon as he touched you, did you know it was a penalty? Did you feel the contact?”
  • “I’m not saying you should but could you have stayed on your feet?”
  • “Once again, as you say, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo and it’s controversy once again. Why is it always the case with you?”
  • “When you hear accusations that you cheated, how do you feel?”

It’s no wonder Ferguson was angry at Shreeves. FIVE questions about the penalty incident!

But the then 22-year-old handled himself admirably and gave a rather brilliant answer to one of Shreves’ accusations.

When asked “Why is it always the case with you?” Ronaldo replied with: “Maybe someone doesn’t like me because I’m too good.”


He was right, he was too good for the Premier League.

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