WWE news: The Rock teases dream match with top WWE star on Twitter

The Rock has teased a match with Daniel Bryan

The Rock has never closed the door on a return to WWE.

After all, the company made him into the Hollywood superstar he is today. 

If the timing and circumstances are right, he could get back into the squared circle one day. 

Many fans expect Rock to have a match with Roman Reigns someway down the line - so he can finally pass the torch on. 

That's something that has been mentioned by both men before, but it's yet to come to fruition.

But what if there's someone else? 

On Thursday, The Rock had a little back and forth on social media with Daniel Bryan and even suggested he'd be open to a match. 

The Rock has teased a WWE return

"I would love to do a match with The Rock based solely on how many times my daughter has made me listen to 'You’re Welcome'," Bryan tweeted on Thursday. 

"And then of course it’s stuck in my head and I sing it all day." 

That's a pretty harmless tease, right? Well, Rock actually responded.

"I can see the writing on this wall from miles away - I’ll be jobbing again in the spirit of being a girl dad. Let’s do it.

"And congrats brother on the new arrival. We’re thrilled for you, Mama B and the fam." 

Can you imagine? Don't tease us like that Rock! 

GIVEMESPORT's Ollie Browning says:

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, this seems like nothing more than a fun little back and forth between the pair.

But remember, Rock has never closed the door on a return to WWE and could be back someday. 

The Rock could return to face Bryan

He'll only have matches with the biggest stars on the roster and Bryan is one of them. 

Forget The Rock vs Roman Reigns, we want to see The Rock vs Daniel Bryan now! 

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