UFC news: Derrick Lewis spits in opponent Alexey Oleynik's food ahead of Saturday's fight

Lewis filmed himself spitting in his opponents food

Derrick Lewis headlines UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas against Alexey Oleynik on Saturday night in an event that will be a little different to usual.

This week, both men have been spending a lot of time in their hotel rooms - rather than doing normal fight build-up - due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The pair are required to take Covid-19 tests and immediately quarantine while they wait for results and have been given individual workout spaces and portable saunas to help weight cutting. 

On top of that, they have been sent food by the UFC's Performance Institute to ensure they don't have to go out and make unnecessary trips.

But Lewis has caused huge controversy ahead of the fight, by filming himself spitting in Oleynik's meal. 

In the video, Lewis can be heard saying: "I believe it's missing some ingredients. We're still going to get him his meal; it's very important. It's fight week, I know he's going to be hungry.

"It looks good, right? I'm going to add some flavour to his food. He probably won't even notice. He's from Russia, they don't have any soul food over there."

Absolutely disgusting. His actions have rightly infuriated fans, with many calling the American out on social media. 

"Dude I am a fan of yours but you just disrespected the food here. People are dying of hunger across the world and you did this?" one responded.  

Another added: "Man why you gotta act like a 9-year-old? This ain't it... that's a perfectly good meal someone could eat homie..." 

Lewis has infuriated fans with his actions

"Now I hope Oleynik kicks his ass," a third said. 

Imagine thinking this was a funny idea at any time - let alone in the middle of a global pandemic.  

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