WWE news: Eight of Vince McMahon's crazy unwritten rules in WWE

McMahon has some strange rules in WWE

Vince McMahon portrays himself as a very tough boss to work for. 

On WWE TV, he's seen as the villainous authority figure. A man there to keep his wrestlers in line, push his favourites and punish those who cross him. 

That, of course, is all for show. We don't know much about what Vince is really like behind the curtain. 

But with the likes of John Cena, The Rock and The Undertaker always speaking very highly of the boss, it's hard to imagine he's as villainous as his on-screen character. 

That's not to say he doesn't have a number of crazy, unwritten rules, though. 

Back in May, Seth Rollins inadvertently fell foul of a little known tag-team regulation, getting himself DQ'd by attacking Rey Mysterio when he wasn't the legal man. 

He's not the first - and definitely won't be the last - to break one of McMahon's unwritten rules. Check out some of the most bizarre below. 

Don't cross the boss in WWE

Hometown curse 

A frequent unwritten rule sees WWE stars lose a match when performing in front of their hometown crowd. 

Seems a little harsh, right? Luke Harper, who is now with AEW, once shared his annoyance with the curse. 

"I know about [the curse], and I feel that. I actually had a really great match with Dolph Ziggler here that I thought I should have won and I didn’t. That really sticks in my craw." 

Harper wasn't happy with WWE's hometown curse

Slow ladder climb

Perhaps one of the more frustrating things to watch. Despite WWE stars being absolute athletic freaks of nature, they seem to struggle simply climbing a ladder.

Of course, it's all for show, to build the suspense. But it seems a bit unnecessary. 

Superstars climb the ladder slowly

Only ask for a title match

McMahon has banned specific words and phrases within the WWE world, so superstars need to be very careful when they ask for a title opportunity. 

Chris Jericho was told not to call the championship a 'belt' because 'a belt is what you use to hold up your pants' while Braun Strowman was once chewed out backstage for asking for a title shot.

It seems WWE stars are only allowed to ask for a 'title match' these days. 

Vince once chewed Strowman out backstage

The WWE Universe

McMahon has also apparently banned the use of the term 'mark' in WWE. That's used to describe die-hard wrestling fans who buy into the characters and storylines, even though it's fake. 

'Smarks' on the other hand, do the opposite. But don't mention either term around Vince. Just call the fans the 'WWE Universe'. 

Only call the fans the WWE Universe

Pose for a powerful move

At the end of the day, professional wrestling is sports entertainment.

Superstars play to the crowd, so combining your finisher with a bit of a pose makes for a much more powerful move. 

Just look at Hulk Hogan, The Rock and John Cena, they were all masters of the art.  

The Rock knows how to pose for power

Referees feigning injury

Refs have a very important role in WWE. They're not just officiating the match, but are often re-laying information to wrestlers inside the ring.

Occasionally, they'll be part of the action and will hit the canvas at the slightest of touches, often staying down 'injured' long enough for the heels to get up to their dirty tricks. 

It's an old trick but one that goes down a treat whenever it happens. 

WWE refs suffer some injuries from time to time

Don't sneeze in front of Vince

It's well known that McMahon hates sneezing. He sees it as something he can't control and according to Paul Heyman, that 'p****s him off'.

"If you're in the room with Vince McMahon and he sneezes, go on your Blackberry for the next 20 minutes because nothing you say to him is going to get through.

"Because he gets really p****d off cause he can't control the sneeze." 

Don't sneeze in front of Vince

The WrestleMania point 

It's become a tradition that whoever wins the Royal Rumble points towards the WrestleMania sign hanging high above the ring. 

But according to Triple H, stars are not told to do that.

"It's funny, fans say they're going to give the point at the sign like this is a hooky thing that has happened and we tell everybody to point at the sign. We don't tell anybody to point at the sign." 

McIntyre points towards the WM sign

So, there are eight rather crazy, unwritten WWE rules. It seems that sometimes, superstars will be walking on eggshells around Vince McMahon.

But as long as you don't ask for a 'title shot', don't sneeze in front of him, but DO point to the WrestleMania sign when you get the chance, you'll probably be okay. 

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