Lionel Messi can't be compared to Diego Maradona, claims Maradona's son


Who is the greatest footballer of all time?

It’s a question that is almost impossible to answer.

To compare players from totally different eras, playing in different positions is extremely difficult.

Every football fan will have an opinion on who THEY think is the greatest to have ever played the game.

And that includes Diego Maradona Jr.

The son of the Argentine legend was asked by Sport if Lionel Messi is as good as his father was. To which he replied: "Messi is a phenomenon.

But nobody is comparable with my father. You cannot compare humans to aliens. We can say that Maradona is the God of football and that Leo is the best of the humans.

"I'm sorry, but nobody will reach my old man's level. It's impossible."


It’s clear that he has a very high opinion of his father.

If Messi can’t be compared to Maradona, what are his thoughts on the age-old Messi vs Ronaldo debate?

"I adore Messi," he said.

“He's the best around and Cristiano doesn't even come close to him.

"Whoever in Argentina criticises him doesn't know a thing about football. My father loves him and talks to me about him a lot."


Well, that’s that settled then.

But if Messi is the second greatest player in history behind only his dad, who comes in at No.3?

"Ronaldo [Nazario]," he said, "the real Ronaldo.

"After these three, then come the others.

"Although [Johan] Cruyff deserves a separate mention for the mark he left on football.

"He changed the sport by himself."


Of course, Maradona’s son is going to be biased - not only towards his father but to a fellow Argentine.

We should probably take his opinion with a pinch of salt…

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