Man City's Ederson appeared to break his own world record during Real Madrid win


Manchester City took a big step towards Champions League success against Real Madrid.

The furthest City have ever progressed in the Champions League came under Manuel Pellegrini, narrowly missing out on a place in the 2015/16 climax after suffering a 1-0 aggregate defeat.

The opponents who defeated them? Real Madrid and under Zinedine Zidane, just as they were on Fright night, for that matter.

Man City 2-1 Real Madrid

So, there can be no greater motivation going into the final eight than having overcome a coach that had previously won the Champions League in every full season he'd managed in the competition.

They can even gloss over the fact that Raphael Varane, widely considered to be one of the world's best defenders, gave the Citizens a massive leg up with one of the worst displays of his career.

Both goals from Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus came from the Frenchman's errors, cancelling out any hope offered by Karim Benzema's first-half equaliser.


Did Ederson break his world record?

As a result, Ederson had the quieter night of the two goalkeepers, making three saves whilst Real's Thibaut Courtois was called into action five times.

It's been a fantastic season for the Brazilian, too, having recently collected the Premier League Golden Glove for an impressive 16 clean sheets from 35 appearances.

And although Ederson's performance against Real might not have been the most spectacular, footage suggests that he still produced a moment of history during the match.


Watch: Ederson's insane drop-kick

That's because Ederson appeared - and that's the key word, we hastened to add - to break his own Guinness World Record for the longest football drop-kick with a delivery against Real.

The footage, which you can see below, shows Ederson kicking the ball directly above the boundary of his own penalty area (18 yards) and landing it halfway between the Real line and the penalty spot. 

Start point: 18 yards


End point: Approximately 102 yards


Let's do the maths...

The ball looks to land much closer to the penalty spot than it does the penalty-area line, so we can estimate that it landed 14 yards out from goal and that's even if we're being pessimistic.

According to the Radio Times, the pitch dimensions of the Etihad Stadium are 116 x 77 yards, which means our estimations clock Ederson at having kicked the ball 84 yards (116 minus (14+18)).

Eighty-four yards converted into metres is approximately 76.8, which exceeds the world-record that Ederson posted in 2018 at 75.35 metres.

Even if we're extra, extra pessimistic and say that the ball landed 15 yards away from Real's goal-line, which is unlikely seeing as the bounce doesn't look to be halfway between the area and spot, we still come to 75.89 metres. 

A world record whichever way you look at it

And yes, there are other estimates for the Etihad's pitch dimensions, so let's also humour the slightly smaller tally of 105 X 77 metres that's listed by Transfermarkt and the Express.

If we come back to our favoured distance of 14 yards again, then we can still conclude that Ederson punted the ball 75.73 metres, which is once again above the world record.

Obviously the one caveat that we need to put on the situation is the fact we are indeed taking rough estimates and I hardly claim to be a closet mathematics professor. 


Would it be ratified?

That, and the fact Guinness have incredibly strict rules on the ratification of records and are therefore unlikely to consider this effort seeing as it took place outside their own measurements.

One of which, by the way, concerns wind speed, which cannot exceed 5 metres-per-second, though the Met Office listed the Manchester wind speed at 5mph (2.2m/s) during the hour in question.

Regardless of whether that was the case in the Etihad, though, it's worth saying that the term 'world record' shouldn't live or die by the exact specifications of one governing body, albeit the most famous.


But all that aside, let's not deny that the footage gives us good reason to think that Ederson topped his own world record last night and it's so casual we love it.

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