UFC news: Joe Rogan goes on bizarre rant about photo filters after being turned into a woman


UFC commentator Joe Rogan could never be accused of being shy of expressing his opinion on any topic - and he has now taken aim at photo filtering apps, accusing them of trying to "rob" users of their happiness.

The 52-year-old, also known for his wildly successful podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience", went viral earlier this week after he posted an image of a young woman to his Instagram account.

All was not as it seemed, though, as the photo in question was actually of Rogan himself. He explained that the original image had been edited by his young daughter using filters - and was clearly appalled that such a dramatic transformation could be pulled off so simply.

"If you wanna know how f***ed we are and how bizarre filters are and how distorted young women's expectations of beauty are, I present you this picture. This IS ME," Rogan revealed in the caption of his post.

"My 10-year-old daughter is laughing hysterically because she took a picture of my ugly chimp face making kissy lips and ran it through some satanic filter designed to steal women’s self esteem through pure deception and f**kery, and this is the result." 

Rogan then went on to warn his 10.4 million followers not to accept the images they see online as absolute reality. 

"Protect yourself, my friends. The internet is trying to rob you of your happiness," he claimed.

It is hard to disagree with Rogan when viewing the original image, which he later posted on the social media platform, together with a caption that read: "The original photo before the satanic filters. The devil is real, ya’ll."

The difference between the two photos really is startling.

Rogan has previously spoken on his podcast about the dangers of social media, blasting platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as places where users can become "obsessed with negativity".

The internet has undoubtedly helped Rogan become a very wealthy man. Last May, Spotify signed a deal with Rogan to become the exclusive distributor of his podcast - for a reported $100 million!

Make no mistake, though, Rogan will never be afraid to call out the negative aspects of the online space - and on this occasion, he certainly has a point.

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