PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Analyst predicts PS5 will outsell by a 2-1 margin


As we rapidly head towards the release of both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X in just a few months, gamers have a big choice to make.

For many, owning both consoles at launch simply will not be affordable - especially given the current economic climate.

Competition will undoubtedly be fierce between the two platforms.

However, one industry analyst is predicting a clear winner in the battle between Sony and Microsoft.

Per, a report from DFC intelligence shows that the PS5 is currently expected to outsell the Xbox Series X by a ratio of 2:1.

The report cited a strong "consumer brand preference" towards Sony and the PlayStation name as one of the reasons behind its conclusion.

A note from the report read: “Microsoft is trying its best with Xbox Series X, but the past few months have revealed they are just too far behind Sony. Consumer brand preference is strongly towards PlayStation. As a piece of hardware there is nothing Xbox Series X is doing to change that perception."

Another factor in Sony's expected dominance is their standing in their home market of Japan. Microsoft has struggled to establish the Xbox brand in the country - and is also felt to be trailing the PlayStation in much of Europe.


"Sony is also a global powerhouse in video games," explained the report. "Microsoft is only strong in English speaking markets. The Xbox has no presence in Japan and is weak in most of Europe. Sony’s strength in global consumer electronics distribution has been too much for Microsoft to overcome, even after 20 years of concerted effort.”

Of course, this prediction does not in any way mean that the Xbox Series X will not be a success, but does suggest that worldwide sales of the PS5 are likely to be considerably stronger than its market rival. 

Each individual will have his or her own personal preference, but the more profitable a console is worldwide then the more resources will be invested into it by developers. This ultimately will affect the lifespan of the console as well as some of the games available for it.

For now, the comparison is theoretical only. We are just a few short months away, though, from having some genuine sales data to compare the two platforms. Whichever console comes out on top, it is an exciting time for gamers everywhere.

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