Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson: New footage emerges of The Beast boxing

  • Will Day

Following the announcement of Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson, the build-up has been intense, with both fighters going back and forth at each other, making for what is sure to be a cracking fight. 

Hall has recently posted a new video of his latest progress inside the ring to his YouTube channel ‘Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall’. 

The video includes what The Beast has been doing in the lead up to his fight, how he has been training and the odd insult directed at Thor. 

Hall claims he has been doing a lot of work on blocking punches and stepping in to attack, all things that if he manages to pull off in the fight, will make for an exciting bout. 

Despite also having the ‘odd day off’, The Beast seems to be taking this fight as seriously as he could be, employing top coaches to take him through the art of boxing. 

Clearly, being a former World’s Strongest Man, he will have knockout power, but it will certainly be interesting to see whether he has the power to knock The Mountain out come September 2021. 

The tale of the tape is not in favour of Hall, who is 6’3 compared to Thor’s colossal 6’9 frame, however, hard work pays off and it will be clear come September next year who has worked the harder out of the two. 


Hall’s speed isn’t lightning, but I guess you can let him off on that one with the pure size of the man, however, the power and accuracy is there, and if he does connect, it could be devastating for The Mountain. 

Despite this, with the size of the men and their backgrounds, it works both ways. If one lands a big overhand or hook, it will most likely be curtains. 

It’s hard to tell at this moment in time who is going to win with the fight being so far away, and Thor revealing little on his social medias and YouTube. 

Nevertheless, Hall’s work ethic is second to none and if he keeps this up it is hard to see why he can’t win this fight comfortably. 

It’s not only in the ring that Hall has been doing his talking, however, as he was full of abuse for Thor outside of it also. 

This can be heard towards the start of the video. 

The Beast said: “Little message to Thor… you better be working hard boy, because I’m gonna slap you f****** silly, and you know it. 

“You’re gonna pull out the fight, I can see it as well because you just are a f****** p****, when things don’t go your way, you are a p****. 

“Calling it now, you’re pulling out…p****boy.”

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