Roy Keane: Man United legend’s iconic reaction after Thierry Henry's handball vs Ireland in 2009


During his playing days, Roy Keane wasn’t a widely-respected figure among football fans aside from the Manchester United supporters who loved his no-nonsense style.

But today, the Irishman has a cult following after taking that same approach to management and punditry.

Keane has been particularly explosive on Sky Sports this season. There was the stinging attack on Man United duo Harry Maguire and David de Gea in June, the hilarious reaction to Aston Villa players celebrating staying up and the time he told the Red Devils to “go and get Harry Kane”, as if it would be as easy as going to the supermarket and buying a loaf of bread.

He’s provided so many soundbites over the years and one that we can’t forget about came when he discussed Thierry Henry’s infamous handball against the Republic of Ireland in 2009.


Keane was the manager of Ipswich at the time.

His relationship with the Football Association of Ireland had broken down years before after he walked out of Ireland’s training camp ahead of the 2002 World Cup.

And that seemed to be on his mind as he refused to get behind calls for the 2010 World Cup qualifier play-off to be replayed, instead blaming Ireland’s defence for failing to clear the danger before Henry set up Willian Gallas.

“I’d focus on why they didn't clear it," he said in a press conference. "I'd be more annoyed with my defenders and my goalkeeper than Thierry Henry.

“How can you let the ball bounce in your six-yard box? How can you let Thierry Henry get goal-side of you?

“If the ball goes into the six-yard box, where the hell is my goalkeeper?”

The press conference offers serious entertainment. We haven’t even reached the part where Keane reacts to a journalist’s phone going off.

Enjoy Keane at his fiery best below.

Telling Ireland to “get over it” after their World Cup dreams had gone up in smoke due to an illegal action.


“They can complain all they want but France are going to the World Cup,” Keane said.

"France were there for the taking and Ireland didn't do it. Same old story.

“I think the supporters deserve better, the manager [Giovanni Trapattoni] deserves better and probably most of the players deserve better, but I'm not sure the FAI deserve better.

“What goes around comes around.”

It's great to know that Keane hasn't changed.

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