PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Insider claims PS5 will be more expensive and less powerful


A fresh rumour has sparked yet more debate in an already raging console war of speculation and prediction.

It may be a few months before we have any idea of how these long-awaited consoles measure up to each other, but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill working overtime.

A recent tip on gaming forum ResetEra suggests that the PS5 may not live up to expectations when launch day comes around. The tipster Dusk Golem has suggested that the PS5 could, not only be less powerful than the Xbox Series X upon its release, but it may also cost more.

The leaker suggests that information from inside the game developer Capcom, the developers of the much-anticipated horror game Resident Evil 8, suggests that the Xbox Series X may outperform the PlayStation 5 when it comes to multi-platform games.

It is suggested that upon launch of Sony’s console, Resident Evil 8 will run at a resolution of 1080p (Full HD) and 60 frames per second; this is a long way off the 4K resolution that the PS5 promised to produce.

This rumour has certainly received mixed perceptions from the gaming world and led to Dusk Golum clarifying his words on Twitter; stating the game is still very much in development, however, he doubts if it will launch on PS5 at as high a quality resolution as the game will on the Xbox Series X.


The tipster went on to state that sources had indicated that PS5 performs excellently for exclusive games, but the specs “get kinda weird” for multi-platform games.

If this rumour proves to be true, it could prove decisive in the battle for console supremacy and be a worrying sign for Sony. If such rumours are proven to be true, it is also expected that the PS5 may also be released at a higher price than the Xbox Series X.

Although, as neither company appears to be willing to be the first to blink in the price stand-off, it could be a long wait before we are certain how much each these next generation bits of kit will set us back.

As with anything on the internet, especially when it comes to PlayStation vs Xbox, these rumours should be taken with more than a pinch of salt, but if this tipster and his sources are to be believed, we can expect a more powerful and also cheaper console from Microsoft.

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