WWE news: Rey Mysterio's son Dominik suffers gruesome injuries at the hands of Seth Rollins


The Monday Night Messiah has officially gone too far over the past few weeks on Raw, as he seems on a warpath to make everything miserable for the Mysterio family.

At Extreme Rules last month, Rollins came up against the legendary Rey Mysterio in a “Eye for an Eye” match, where he would gouge out Rey’s eye, which he is still understandably recovering from.

Unfortunately, this now leaves his son Dominik to deal with Rollins and accomplice Buddy Murphy by himself.

Last night, however, things got distasteful again.

It was made official last night on Raw that Dominik will face the man who gouged his father’s eye out last month at the Biggest Party of the Summer when the two face off at SummerSlam. The fight contract Dominik signed last night wasn’t the only contract he was offered either.

The contract signing, hosted by Samoa Joe, wasn’t just to sign the match contract for SummerSlam, Dominik was also able to sign his first contract with WWE, officially making him a WWE Superstar.

Things very quickly went downhill from there, though, as Seth Rollins went up against Humberto Carrillo straight after the signing, with Dominik and Murphy both ringside.

Dominik attacked Murphy midway through the match with a kendo stick, but the distraction wasn’t enough to divert Rollins from picking up the win.

After the match ended, Murphy attacked Dominik, putting him into the barriers surrounding the ring, before Rollins summoned Murphy to bring him into the ring. This is where things got really nasty, and quite brutal.

Rollins tangled Dominik up in the ring ropes and out came the kendo sticks.

Rollins and Murphy took it in turns to deliver THIRTY… yes thirty, strikes with kendo sticks, leaving poor Dominik brutalised.

Images surfaced online after Raw went off the air, showing the true extent of the damage caused, and it’s horrifying.

Dominik’s back and chest are both covered in cuts and scratches, safe to say he’ll have probably slept on his side last night.


All eyes are now on August 23, where Dominik will get his chance at revenge for both himself and his father when he comes up against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.

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