Ronnie O'Sullivan: Video of The Rocket shows how much of a genius he truly is


After his post-match interview at the Snooker World Championship went viral on Twitter the other day, Ronnie O’Sullivan has certainly once again put his name in the limelight. 

If you haven’t seen it, first of all where have you been over the past 72 hours, basically, O’Sullivan went on a tyrant of how poor, he believes, the up and coming talent is in snooker.

“If you look at the younger players coming through, they’re not that good really, they’d probably do well as half-decent amateurs, you know what I’m saying? Not even amateurs they’re so bad.”

Some very encouraging words for the younger players right there.

However, O’Sullivan has every right to call out other players, the bloke is like a magician when it comes to snooker.

After Ronnie started trending, a Twitter user posted a video of O’Sullivan stating that the snooker player ‘is basically if you combined Messi, Ronaldo, MJ and Bron into a snooker player.’ 

Now that is a very big statement, however, could O’Sullivan do it on a rainy wet night in Stoke?

Well, with the video the Twitter user posted, which was Ronnie making the quickest 147 in snooker history, it’s half convincing that he perhaps could.

A 147 is very hard to get and Ronnie makes it look like such light work. The pure genius it takes to score a 147 is already impressive, never mind how quick O’Sullivan does it. 

If you wanted to watch the full maximum break, you can in the video below. Sit back and enjoy the pure greatness, and speed, of Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan.

Of course, the aforementioned sport stars are GOAT’s of their sports and as athletes, but does Ronnie belong in that category? 

GiveMeSport’s Andrew Nealen says…

He is undeniably a GOAT when it comes to snooker, but as a person involved in sport, sorry, but no.

Yes, playing snooker takes some genius, especially at Ronnie’s level, but it’s not exactly physically demanding is it?

It’s no wonder O’Sullivan is still playing 23 years after his record breaking 147 and will probably continue to play for a lot longer given his stance on the future generation of snooker players.

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