UFC 252 news: Winner of Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier could be offered big fight with Jon Jones


Before one fight ends, another one is already being planned.

The biggest heavyweight showdown in history is taking place on Saturday, August 15 between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic at UFC 52.

The fight will see Miocic defend his title and it will also put an end to a long-term rivalry which has already played host to two fights before. Each competitor winning one.

In a statement by Cormier’s coach Javier Mendez, he claims that the winner of this fight will be put forward to fight against Jon Jones for a big money sum.

Before this fight has even started, Mendez is predicting fireworks for both fighters. Speaking to ESPN, as per Bloody Elbow, he said: “Whoever is victorious from the fight is gonna get offered a big money fight, and I believe it’s gonna be against Jon Jones because Jon Jones has stressed he wants to go to heavyweight. And what better way for Jones to get the kind of money he wants than to fight Stipe or DC for the heavyweight title.”

Jones has reportedly said that his future in UFC is rather uncertain as he isn’t very impressed with “fighter pay” and he has stressed that he is willing to sit out until a respectable offer comes his way.

He could soon get his wish by facing the winner of the fight for the money he has been waiting for.


Cormier and Jones have both showed a sense of respect towards one another outside of the Octagon, Jones stating in an interview with Steve-O: “I think he’s [Cormier] an outstanding man.”

However, Cormier’s comments were not as kind, although he acknowledged as a fighter he has respect for Jones, stating: “I do respect Jones in terms of what he does as an athlete, what he’s been able to do and all those things. The reality is like you said, it doesn’t have to be a friendship and it won’t be.”

So it could be said that regardless of the winner on Saturday, these two may yet go against one another for another big money fight that will put Jones exactly where he wants to be wealth wise.

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