Messi vs Ronaldo: Arda Turan makes controversial claim over the GOAT debate

Turan has weighed in on the debate

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo. It's been the biggest debate amongst football fans for years now.

For every supporter that rates Barcelona's magician over Juventus' giant, there's someone who argues the exact opposite.

The debate will rage on long after both retire too because let's be honest, if one were around without the other, they would be the undisputed GOAT. 

But that's not the case and instead, fans, pundits and even players alike love to argue over who is better. 

Arda Turan has recently weighed in on the debate too, and he's claimed that only Ronaldo's friends and teammates claim he's better because they answer 'politically'. 

"There's nothing bad to say about Ronaldo but he's a goalscorer, albeit a very special one. Messi does everything in this game," Turan told beIN Sports Turkey, per Goal.

"He does things you can't even imagine to do. His intelligence, his vision, his passing are all much different.

Messi is an incredible player

"And every person I have talked to about this agrees with me.

"Except the people who are close to Ronaldo, his teammates, who say it's Ronaldo as they answer politically.

"Ronaldo is my friend and it's not my place to question his quality. But I think Messi is better."

Ronaldo has been rated worse by Turan

While Turan's claim is rather controversial, it won't stop the debate raging on. 

Although Messi and Ronaldo have been in direct competition for well over a decade, if recent reports are to be believed, they could become teammates. 

Spanish football expert Guillem Balague claims Juventus have been offering CR7 to clubs across Europe - including Barcelona. 

Ronaldo and Messi could play together

"We've seen this in the last six months, he was linked to Real Madrid. They said no chance, he's not coming back," he said.

"There's been talks about the MLS because Juventus want to get rid of that wage. It is as drastic as that. He's been offered everywhere, including Barcelona." 

Madness. Imagine if the two do become teammates! 

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