Russian weightlifter Alexander Sedykh breaks both his knees as 400kg squat goes horribly wrong

The accident left the weightlifter badly injured

Like any sport, professional weightlifting can be dangerous. 

There's always a serious risk of injury, especially when competitors are attempting to beat each other or even just their PBs. 

Don't lift more than you can handle is the obvious rule of thumb, but even then, horrific accidents can still happen. 

Just ask Alexander Sedykh. The Russian weightlifter broke both his knees after a 400kg squat went wrong. 

Sounds pretty disgusting right?

Sedykh stepped up to take on the mammoth weight during while competing at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation European Championships, near Moscow. 

As he attempted the squat, both his knees gave way and he crashed to the ground, screaming in pain.

You can view the footage below - but be warned - it includes very graphic content: 

Ouch. That's not easy to watch. 

Sedykh's trainers and medical staff rushed over to help and thankfully, his spotters managed to keep the bar from falling on him, avoiding any further risk to his neck and back.

But the damage was already done. The Russian fractured both of his knees and according to the Evening Standard, that lead to a gruelling six-hour operation. 

The Russian's legs gave way

After being rushed to the hospital, his knees were reassembled and quadriceps reattached by doctors. How gruesome. 

Responding to the incident, Sedykh said: "The forecasts are as follows - lie down for two months, do not move your legs. 

"Then learn to walk again and to recover."

Sedykh was rushed to hospital

It sounds like he won't be down and out for long.

You've got to give Sedykh respect, many others would simply come out and say their weightlifting career is over, but it sounds like he's not done yet.

Just, make sure you don't go straight back in for the 400kg squat, okay Alexander?  

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