Cristiano Ronaldo: Lionel Messi's Barcelona amongst the favourites to sign Juventus star


Cristiano Ronaldo has sensationally been linked with a move away from Juventus this summer.

To say recent events at the Allianz Stadium have been dramatic would be the mother of all understatements, ending their season with a Champions League exit against Lyon.

Their away-goals defeat was enough for the Old Lady to bring the axe down on Maurizio Sarri and swiftly replacing him with Andrea Pirlo appears to signal wholesale changes in Turin.

Will Ronaldo leave Juventus?

However, suggestions that Ronaldo could be waving goodbye to the club after just two seasons have come completely out of left-field, especially after scoring 31 goals in 33 Serie A matches.

France Football reported that Ronaldo had been 'dreaming' of leaving Juventus for Paris Saint-Germain earlier in the summer, though the resumption of football has cooled such desires.

And although Spanish football expert Guillem Balagué has backtracked on claims Ronaldo has been offered to Barcelona, he remains sure that Juve want to relieve themselves of their star man.


Juventus want to free up Ronaldo's wages

Balague told Sport: “For months in the technical secretariats of the big European clubs it has been known that Juve wants to get rid of Cristiano Ronaldo's salary, with two more years of his contract,” he said.

“Hence, he was related to Real Madrid a while ago and now with PSG: Mendes is doing his job."

So, in other words, there's enough speculation and whispers to suggest that Ronaldo leaving Italy, while still unlikely, isn't from without the realms of possibility this season. 


Where would Ronaldo go?

It's a situation that made us wonder exactly where Ronaldo will wind up when and if he kisses goodbye to Juventus - and we've turned to the bookmakers to assess the lay of the land.

Paddy Power have released odds for Ronaldo's next permanent club, so not necessarily this summer, with some of the rankings and sides making for interesting reading.

You can check out the 11 possibilities outlined below, ranging from absolute madness to tantalisingly possible, to see how Ronaldo's final major transfer could play out very soon.


Odds on his next club

11. AC Milan - 33/1

10. Barcelona - 22/1

9. Sporting Lisbon - 18/1

8. Any Chinese club - 14/1

7. Manchester City - 14/1

6. Bayern Munich - 9/1

5. Manchester United - 9/1

4. Real Madrid - 15/2

3. LA Galaxy - 5/1

2. Inter Miami - 10/3

1. Paris Saint-Germain - 7/5


GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

For me, not only do I think Ronaldo will stay at Juventus, but I think it makes sense for Ronaldo to stay at Juventus.

Every indication the Portuguese has given us over the course of his career links to an insatiable desire for success and frankly, he's got unfinished business at the Allianz Stadium.

Let's be honest, Ronaldo's first season at Juve was pretty average by his dizzying standards, but 2019/20 marked a stunning upturn and an indication that he's really adapting to Italian football.


And with the club perhaps set for a more expansive brand of football under Pirlo, that upward progression could make it third season lucky for Ronaldo.

I feel pretty certain that Ronaldo went to Juventus to win a Champions League title with a third club as well as the Old Lady's first since 1996, so I can't see a world in which he gives up after just two seasons.

If I did have to choose an escape route for Ronaldo, though, I would lean towards PSG because nothing would underpin his versatility better than winning a league title in a fourth different country.


Just don't hope your breath, PSG fans.

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