WWE news: John Cena names the two stars carrying the business through the no-fan era

Cena has been talking all things WWE

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge issue for WWE.

Live touring has completely stopped. Every episode of SmackDown, RAW and NXT has been taped from the Performance Centre. 

Fans have been absent since March, with empty arena shows becoming the norm. The less said about recent ratings, the better. 

All of those reasons combined have seen revenue take a hit and cuts have been made. 

More than 25 members of staff, including in-ring talent, were let go back in April. 

But it's not just Vince McMahon who is feeling the effects of COVID-19 though. 

The life of a WWE Superstar in the 'no-fan era' is far harder than it used to be.

WWE is very different these days

With no crowd to play off, the job becomes so much more complicated. 

But despite tough conditions, John Cena has named the two current stars he thinks are carrying the company through the 'pandemic era'.

"Bray is obviously doing a great job. And Seth Rollins has done an unbelievable job of adapting to a crowdless environment," the WWE legend turned Hollywood star told SI, per talkSPORT.  

Rollins is putting on a master class at the moment

"The key is knowing your audience. I believe if the live audience is having a good time at a live event, then you as a viewer at home are having a good time.

"The biggest difficulty for me is not playing to the people in section 312. There are no people anymore." 

"A lot of times when there’s an audience, you really can lean on your ability to produce action. You cannot do that now. 

Wyatt is also impressing

"The viewer at home no longer gets caught up in the energy of the live crowd.

"It’s literally asking someone to unlearn what they’ve learned, and that’s a bold risk. And a lot of people are not comfortable taking those risks."

Cena's suggestion that Wyatt and Rollins are WWE's top stars right now is hard to argue with. Their storylines are the most exciting on RAW and SmackDown right now. 

Cena has been speaking WWE

But that's not to say everyone else is failing. Drew McIntyre is on the run of his life as WWE champion right now, putting on brilliant matches and cutting fantastic promos. 

It really is just a massive shame that there are no fans around to witness it. 

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