Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City: What are the worst 2020/21 kits released so far?

  • Kobe Tong

The 2020/21 season will be underway before you know it - and that's already the case in certain parts of the world.

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic means that the 2019/20 campaign has bled into its successor with this week's Champions League final bringing the curtain down on the former at long, long last.

And few things have indicated the unique circumstances football clubs find themselves in than the fact 2020/21 kits have, in some cases, been worn by teams for weeks or even months.

2020/21 football kits

It had become customary in recent years for certain clubs to tease next season's journey on the final day of the contemporary campaign, but scheduling changes have clearly played havoc with kit deals.

Bournemouth, for example, wore what will now become a Championship kit for weeks in the Premier League, while Chelsea sported their 2020/21 design in 2019/20 for the best part of a month.

As a result, football fans have already become familiar with a lot of the jerseys that will be on display during the upcoming season and have been sure to make their opinions clear on social media.


The good, the bad and the ugly

In a world where kit prices are skyrocketing towards three figures, it's more important than ever for sports companies to produce a design good enough to encourage fans to part with their hard-earned cash.

Here at GIVEMESPORT, we've already highlighted 15 of the finest 2020/21 kits that have been released so far and now, we sadly need to look at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Even sports juggernauts such as Adidas and Nike drop questionable kit designs each season and we've selected 13 strips for 2020/21 that we think are particularly tough on the eyes.


13 worst 2020/21 designs

And yes, we have been particularly harsh on top clubs because their jerseys must receive extra attention and no, I'm certainly not claiming to have seen every single release for next season.

So, my apologies if I've allowed a truly terrible kit to get away with their fashion crimes, but you can check out the unlucky 13 that won't be taking to our wardrobes any time soon:

13. West Bromwich Albion

Sorry Baggies fans, but we're not on board with any of your 2020/21 releases - more on another later - and your massive barcode design, albeit a throwback to the 1990s, isn't exactly eye candy.

As for the 'Ideal Boilers' sponsor, it's clearly not as ideal as the boilers apparently are.


12. Manchester United home

The only saving grace here is that the original leaked images of United's bus seat design have been toned down, but you know what they say: you can't polish a turd.

Adidas have released some stunning designs this year, so this ranks as pretty disappointing and downright boring by their standards and it looked even worse in action on the pitch.


11. Arsenal away

Paying homage to the marble halls of Highbury is a brilliant idea on paper and Adidas' Arsenal kits have largely been spectacular, but we don't have it in our hearts not to include this fashion misstep.

The Arsenal players are indeed going to look as though they are serial killers emerging from a murder when they're on the road this season. At least there are 10 kits worse, though.


10. Manchester City home

Yeh, hands up, I'm not a fan of City's new home kit and it's the finest example on this list that jersey designs are completely subjective and I respect that thousands of fans really love this effort.

For me, though, the whole mosaic texture is pretty gimmicky and looks more like somebody has put a crowbar through a car window than some ancient Greek art.


9. Inter Milan away

I want to like this one, I really do, it just happens to be too much for the eyes both in the promotional images and especially on the pitch. It's like the graph paper that was always handed out at school.


8. Watford home

Sorry Watford, but crashing down to the Championship doesn't mean that you can get away with dropping a dodgy strip like this, giving us vibes of a design that suited Kaizer Chiefs far better back in the day.

You get the feeling with this sort of exploding-ray pattern that the team therefore plays in an exotic location - it does look like a sun, after all - and I'm not entirely sure that Vicarage Road qualifies as being all that tropical.


7. Dundee United away

Here's where the kits really take a nosedive. In fact, the gap between eighth and seventh place is gigantic.

And this release out of Scotland marks the beginning of my vendetta against purple and orange kits for better or for worse, though at least the black trimmings save it from being truly awful.


6. Newcastle United third

Did somebody at Puma drop some Doritos in petrol and get inspired? Either way, this disco design is one of the worst to come out of the Premier League and slapping neon, yellow font all over it is the final nail in the coffin.


5. Villarreal third

Jesus. This utterly bizarre, wacky, wild, distasteful and off-the-wall release has the sort of colour scheme you'd expect from a Refreshers packet or any random sweet from a pick-or-mix stall.

The badge, sponsor and logo look pretty smart, so that's something, but the texturing in the bottom left-hand corner makes this messy design even more displeasing in our eyes.


4. RB Leipzig away

Oh dear god, on what planet has purple and orange ever been a good combination? Combine that with the washed out look to all the logos in a bizarre yellow for arguably the worst palette of any 2020/21 release.


3. Linfield FC away

Dito. This is an even more lacklustre slapdash of purple and orange than the design out of Germany with a rubbing looking collar to boot, but don't get me started on the fact an Umbro kit has an '' sponsor across the front.


2. Forward Madison third

Has somebody spiked my cup of tea with psychedelics? 

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the Hummel meeting where they just thought: 'f*** it, let's just swirl some pink and blue around in a wishy-washy pattern'.

It's one of those downright bonkers kits that will find a home in the hearts of footballing hipsters, but, by my estimations, it's one of the worst 2020/21 designs I've cast my eyes upon.


1. West Bromwich Albion third

Ladies and gentleman, there's been a spillage at the Hawthorns and all the spaghetti hoops from the canteen have gone on the jerseys in the club shop... oh no, wait, that's deliberate? Really?

This jersey has been released with the caption: 'The Greatest Trilogy', but I can clarify that turning a barcode into a Heinz pasta dish is the worst of a triumvirate that is anything but the greatest.


Which do you dislike the most?

Look, fair play to WBA for honouring their promotion-winning team of 1993 and maybe it's just me, but I'm really not a fan of the whole bar code design going on.

That being said, like I mentioned earlier, there's no exact science to which kits are good looking and which aren't with many of them having special meanings to fans around the world.

And who knows perhaps some of these kits, despite making me roll my eyes, will also harbour special memories for the people that make football the beautiful game: the supporters.

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