PlayStation 5: When will the PS5 be released and how much will it cost?


The rumours continue abound for the much-anticipated release of the PlayStation 5 later this year.

Despite teasing us with the design and stating that the console will be released in late 2020, Sony have not disclosed the confirmed release date. What we do know, however, is that there will be two versions of the console; the standard version and the digital version.

A unanimity is starting to build around some of the rumours, reports and leaked listings that have come out over the past few months. Industry analyst Roberto Serrano, who has been making various predictions regarding the release date of both the XboxSeries and the PS5, believes his latest prediction will bear fruit.

Describing his information as “more than just a rumour or speculation,” he states that the PS5 will be released on November 13, a week after the Xbox Series is launched.

His prediction on price is that the standard edition PS5 will be $499/€499, while the digital edition will be $399/€399.

If this price was to convert directly to pound sterling, then this would price the PS5 at roughly £447 for the standard version and £360 for the digital version in the UK. However, given previous launches and the pricing of individual games, it is very unlikely that this will just be the price of a standard currency conversion.

The good news for gaming fans is that these rumours do match with the leaked prices that were advertised by French retailer Carrefour on their website recently. Serrano’s tweet also implies that Sony and Microsoft might be going head-to-head in terms of their prices for their new next generation consoles.


Whilst this is exciting news for fans and at a relatively affordable price, there have also been other whispers to the contrary about the price of the Xbox Series, so it looks like the rumour mill will drag on further in this respect.

Turning attention to the date rumours, it is very possible that the November 13 date is correct. A recent report suggested that Fortnite promoted a special bundle on PS5 and Xbox Series X on November 17, which gives a very clear indication that both next-gen consoles will be launched before this date.

Given that we are moving into the autumn very soon, gaming fans are not going to have to wait too much longer for the speculation to stop and the big reveal on price and date to arrive.

Sony and Microsoft will no doubt be trying to outdo each other in what promises to be the biggest launch season for a number of years and the first of the new decade.

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