Lamborghini vehicle becomes somewhat affordable with new go-kart


The idea of owning a flashy sports car sounds perfect in theory, until you realise how many zeroes are on the price tag.

Most luxury automobiles do not come cheap, but Lamborghini’s latest vehicle allows you to travel in style without having to sell your house, your TV, and pretty much all your treasured possessions…sort of.

Teaming up with Chinese electronics company Xiaomi, the Italian manufacturer has constructed a Lamborghini racing vehicle priced at under $1,446 (the typical Lamborghini costs about $200,000).

Available from August 25 and at such good value, this seems like an opportunity too good to miss.

There’s just one caveat: it’s a go-kart.

With the classic yellow colour, alongside the brand’s own logos and rear wing, many of Lamborghini’s aesthetic essentials are present in the ‘Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition’.

But most Lamborghinis do not have a removable scooter base, which can be used as its own vehicle separate from the go-kart.


Though the four-wheel vehicle’s top speed, 24.9 miles-per-hour, would barely get the classic Lamborghini out of second gear, it has been specially designed for racing.

As well as the rear wing, the kart boasts custom rear tyres and four different driving modes: safe, novice, sport and track.

According to Business Insider, drivers can select their preferred mode through an app.

Safety has not been sacrificed for speed, though, with anti-collision barriers installed to add cushion and a tail built to be aerodynamic, giving the driver a more stable feel.

Xiaomi also revealed that the multi-layered front lip, derived from the original Lamborghini body silhouette, provides further protection in potential crashes.

Elsewhere, the kart’s sound system further allows drivers to pretend they are behind the wheel of the car itself.

Bluetooth speakers can blare out music and even play audio that replicates the sound of the Lamborghini V8 or V12 car engine.

Yet, rather than using petrol like the car engine, the kart uses a 432-watt hour battery pack to zip around.

It’s not the real thing, but, at a tiny fraction of the traditional Lamborghini price, it will surely attract the eye of the ample racing fanatics not on the Forbes Rich List.

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