South Africa plays host to the world's toughest par 3 on a golf course


Do you rate yourself as a golfer?

Well, there is a challenge waiting for you in South Africa that has tested greats of the sport and celebrities alike which you might want to have a crack at.

At the Legend Golf & Safari Resort in the Entabeni Safari Conservatory, located a two-and-half-hour drive from Johannesburg, is the par 3 hole nicknamed 'Extreme 19th'.

What makes it so extreme, you might ask? Allow us to inform you.

First of all, you can only access the hole by helicopter and you must wait over 20 seconds for your ball to land after hitting your tee shot. Already sounds pretty unique, right? Then you have to take into account the dimensions of the hole. It is a mammoth 400 metres high, 395 yards long, and to cap it all off, the shape of the green resembles the continent of Africa.

The spectacular golf course was designed by a number of former major winners, including Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia and Padraig Harrington, as well as Ryder Cup legend Colin Montgomerie.

Harrington himself created history by becoming the first player to score a three on the infamous 'Extreme 19th'.

Fourteen golfers have gone one better than the Irishman, one of them being the former cricketing all-rounder Franklyn Stephenson.

Six-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and the iconic actor Morgan Freeman have also tried their hand at the ridiculously difficult hole, with both managing a respectable par.

Nailing this hole may seem an almost impossible task, but there is one way that keen golfers can make life a little easier for themselves. 

Polara Golf have used advanced technology to produce a ball with shallow and deep dimples, meaning that there is lower lift and reduced drag, whilst weight distribution is enhanced.


They claim that a ball sliced 100 feet will only actually slice 25 feet with the same swing if you use the anti-slice ball.

This could be the difference between finding the rough and landing perfectly on the fairway. 

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for that player who tends to lose a ball or two during their round. You know who you are!

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