WWE news: What were the greatest feuds of the Attitude Era?


The Attitude Era is widely recognised as one of the most exciting chapters in WWE history.

It officially started in December 1997 and ended in May 2002. Along the way, it gave fans some memorable moments and feuds.

Many superstars were produced along the way with thrilling matches and intriguing storylines that made this era what it is.

With help of Sportskeeda, here are the top 10 feuds from the Attitude Era.

10. The Undertaker v Kane

The Undertaker v Kane comes in at number 10 on the countdown. These two played mind games with each other and this culminated at WrestleMania 14, where 'Taker triumphed. Their feud even continued well after this era with the two meeting in both 2004 and 2010.

9. WWF v The Alliance

A controversial entry to some, however, the storylines to this feud were incredible. It pitted the WWF (as it was known at the time) between WCW/ECW (known as the Alliance) which included wrestlers such as Booker T, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan. It also gave a chance to Rob Van Dam and Rhyno to apply their trade. In the end, The Alliance dissolved, but it still gave fans some great moments especially in 2001.

8. Triple H v Kurt Angle

This feud started at the turn of the century in the summer of 2000 with HHH featuring himself in Angle’s WWE Championship match at SummerSlam against The Rock. Their feud also saw many appearances from Stephanie McMahon, with Angle becoming close to her in competing in various matches. Their feud took in matches at the Armageddon Hell in A Cell and 2001 Royal Rumble. They even reignited their feud two years ago at WrestleMania 34, with Angle teaming up with Ronda Rousey to face Triple H and Stephanie.


7. Kurt Angle v Stone Cold Steve Austin

This feud saw Angle and Stone Cold mainly argue who was closer friends with Vince McMahon.The feud’s most defining moments came when Austin went on to join the Alliance, and Angle led the WWF. On one occasion, Austin threw Angle’s Olympic Gold medals into the sea. In retaliation, Angle would challenge Austin for the WWE Championship in his hometown and would go on to win it.

6. Triple H v Mick Foley

This rivalry began in 1999 with the two of them both feuding for the WWE Championship with Foley changing character many times throughout this feud from Mankind to Cactus Jack. The two then produced one of the greatest matches in Royal Rumble history and it didn't stop with the feud continuing on RAW culminating at No Way Out in which Triple H triumphed.

5. Triple H v The Rock

Considered one of the bitterest rivalries of this era, Triple H and The Rock crossed each other many times until at SummerSlam 1998, where Triple H defeated The Rock for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Their rivalry reached its peak at WrestleMania 16 with Triple H as WWE Champion and The Rock victorious at Royal Rumble.

4. Triple H v Stone Cold Steve Austin

In two years, this rivalry gave fans some interesting matches with the feud beginning in 1999 at SummerSlam. The two would regularly assault each other with the feud seeing the two square of against each other for the WWE Championship in 1999, won by Triple H. Both men cost each other championship matches on two occasions. The feud's most memorable moment would come at Survivor Series, ending in a no-contest with Triple H being thrown off a forklift 30 feet inside his car.


3. Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz

This feud started at No Mercy in 1999 between Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz, in which the two competed in their first-ever tag team ladder match. Both received standing ovations for this. The Hardy and Dudley Boyz would begin to feud leading to a match at the Royal Rumble in 2000. The Hardy Boyz were victorious then, but the tables were turned at No Way Out.

2. The Rock v Stone Cold Steve Austin

Both of these men played their part in revolutionising the WWE with the feud starting in November 1997 as The Rock wanted the WWE Intercontinental Championship that Austin had. The rivalry between the two would get its high point in 1999 at WrestleMania 15 with the build-up seeing The Rock being sprayed with beer by Austin and The Rock throwing Austin off a bridge, but ultimately, Austin won the WWE Championship.

1. Vince McMahon v Stone Cold Steve Austin

Their hot-blooded feud began in 1997, but by 1998, it was full steam. With Austin WWE Champion at WrestleMania 14, McMahon told The Rattlesnake that he needed to ‘change his ways’... Austin responded with his trademark ‘Stunner.’ McMahon would line up many opponents to take the WWE Championship off Austin, such as Kane and The Undertaker, with Austin winning and losing the titles many times in the process. This feud is famous for many unbelievable moments, such as Austin attacking McMahon in a hospital and getting his corvette loaded with cement. This made this rivalry one of the best in wrestling history.

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