Community Shield: Liverpool and Arsenal combined XI selected by football fans


Arsenal and Liverpool are ready to get the 2020/21 English football season underway this afternoon.

Depending on who you speak to, the Community Shield is anything from an underrated curtain-raiser for the Premier League to an overblown friendly that nobody really cares about winning.

But no matter which side of the debate you're championing, a football match is a football match and we can't help getting excited about something that signals the beginning of a new season.

Arsenal vs Liverpool

Naturally, Liverpool come into the fixture at Wembley Stadium as massive favourites having won their inaugural Premier League title with 99 points, which is the second highest total ever.

And their record against the Gunners is something to be feared, losing just one game to the north London club since their 4-1 defeat at the Emirates Stadium back in 2015.

But if there's any cause for optimism in Mikel Arteta's camp then it's the fact that anomalous victory against Liverpool actually came in their most recent meeting just one month ago.


Tight game at Wembley

Arsenal became just the third team to defeat Liverpool in the Premier League last season with goals from Alexandre Lacazette and Reiss Nelson securing an upset victory in the capital.

Lest we forget, too, that Arsenal have a remarkable record under the Wembley arch having won four FA Cup titles in six years and bagged three Community Shield trophies to boot.

As a result, the season opener is being billed as quite a tight affair, but you wouldn't have thought so if you stumbled across the FA Cup's official Twitter account on Friday evening.

It's become customary ahead of big games for fans and pundits alike to choose combined XI's comprised of the two teams and that's exactly what the FA Cup proposed this week.


Liverpool whitewash combined XI

They decided to let supporters choose what the XI should look like by giving them an Arsenal and Liverpool option for every position on the pitch to see who would amass the most votes.

So, how many Arsenal players broke into the Premier League champions' line-up? Ermmmm.. none.

That's right, not a single member of Arteta's squad, not even Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, amassed enough votes to be included, leading to a Liverpool whitewash. Check out the polls below:

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GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

What happened to the world where Arsenal always won Twitter polls?

I'll never forget Jack Wilshere scandalously winning the Premier League Goal of the Season award for his goal against West Brom in 2014/15 for, well, simply being spammed by Arsenal votes.

But clearly Liverpool fans have now asserted their authority on the platform, though I've got to say that Aubameyang is surely worthy of a place ahead of Roberto Firmino if nothing else. 


Look, I get that Firmino is more than a goalscorer and his 12 goals last season don't tell the whole story, but we can't ignore the fact that Aubameyang outscored him by more than double in 2019/20.

So, as brutal as it seems on Arsenal, there's only one decision that I actually disagree with, but that doesn't mean that Liverpool will simply walk over their opponents in the Community Shield.

It's a new season and everybody's starting from scratch, so anything can happen... that, and Arsenal seem to have some sort of cheat code when they play at Wembley.

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