FIFA 21 Career Mode: New leak shows major change coming to transfer budgets


Taking an unfashionable club to the very top on FIFA Career Mode could be about to get a whole lot easier.

With the release of EA’s FIFA 21 little over a month away, leaked information appears to reveal major changes to the ‘Financial Takeover’ feature in Career Mode.

Traditionally, virtual managers have been able to add roughly £50 million to their transfer and wage budgets, a welcome influx of cash for a big signing or two.

If screenshots from FIFA CM Content on Twitter are to be believed, the option is about to become more powerful.

The pictures, from FIFA 21’s beta version, show that managers will be able to request up to £500 million from their board.

Suddenly, taking Accrington Stanley from League 2 to the Champions League might not be as impressive an achievement.

Opinions will surely be split if the leaks prove to be correct.

Career Mode purists will go full Liga President and label this ‘financial doping’, as the challenge of climbing the divisions with a tight budget has been removed.

On the other hand, injecting half a billion into the club gives FIFA players the chance to build the squad of their dreams, perhaps with any club in the game.

Crucially, it appears that there will also be an option in the game not to use ‘Financial Takeover’ at all.

In earlier Pitch Notes, EA stated: “Within the setup of a new Career Mode save you can set the amount of cash you want your club to receive as part of financial takeover.

“Whether you want to give your club a whopping 500 million or start with next to nothing, you can customize your experience how you want to.”

Giving gamers the choice over whether to use the feature may be enough to satisfy all parties.

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