'Flying Car' takes off in Japan with one person on board


We have seen plenty of innovation in the car industry over the last few years, with electric cars quickly rising to prominence.

In Japan, meanwhile, they’ve been busy developing the first ever 'flying car'.

Flying cars have been tested since the 1920s, when Henry Ford experimented with single-seater aeroplanes, and the US Army having also looked into and trialled the prospect of ‘flying jeeps’.

Uber are also attempting their own version of a 'flying car', centred around skyports which will cover three major cities at first.

But the most recent and prominent 'flying car' is part of an ambitious project which aims for production of the cars in the following years. The company behind it SkyDrive developed the vehicle with the aim of lighting up the torch ahead of the now postponed 2020 Summer Olympics.

In a video published by SkyDrive, the car is equipped with several propellers and is lifted off the ground, hovering in the air for several minutes.

Movement does, at this stage, appear to be relatively limited, but there are hopes to develop the technology over time and keep it in the air for longer. Safety, without question, is an obvious issue as well.

The CEO of SkyDrive Tomohiro Fukuzawa says that the project could become a reality in the next three years, meaning that we may see these 'flying cars' above public roads by 2023.

He explained: “Of the world’s more than 100 flying car projects, only a handful has succeeded with a person on board.

“I hope many people will want to ride it and feel safe.”

There are plenty of questions still to answer, and it is unimaginable – unless you are an avid viewer of Doctor Who – to witness flying cars above a public road, but we may see some major advancements in the field over the coming years.

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