WWE news: Backstage details on what to expect from Roman Reigns Universal title run

Reigns will get a long run as champ in WWE

Roman Reigns captured the Universal Championship at Payback on Sunday night. 

The Big Dog only made his return to WWE at SummerSlam one week ago, following a six-month layoff due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Very few stars could return in that fashion and build hype for a title match so quickly, but Reigns did just that. 

The triple threat, between 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and The Big Dog closed Sunday's PPV and it was absolute carnage. 

After Wyatt and Strowman spent 10 minutes beating each other down before collapsing the ring with a huge Superplex, Reigns came in to steal the Universal title. 

He hit both opponents with a chair before catching The Fiend with a low blow, cementing his status as the company's top heel. 

Oh, and don't forget, he's aligned himself with Paul Heyman, so this has potential to be a very fun title run. 

The Big Dog starts his run as Universal Champion

But just how long will it last? And what does Vince McMahon have in store for Reigns? Well, according to WrestlingNews, he'll be pushed to the moon and back. 

The website reports that this is the beginning of a 'long title reign' and McMahon is 'all in' with pushing him to the moon because he wants him to be on the level of John Cena.

A source told them: "Vince is not playing around. He wants Roman to hold onto that belt until WrestleMania at least. 

Reigns will be pushed to the moon by McMahon

"Everyone knows the fans will cheer him and we all expect him to be a babyface sooner than later but the games with the silly verbiage in promos are done with.

"Roman will have more input this time with his promos."

What is interesting to note, is that Reigns might not be a heel for too long. 

Reigns will be aligned with Heyman for future storylines

But WrestlingNews note that he will be aligned with Heyman for 'future storylines' and also suggest that there has been talk of giving The Big Dog new ring gear or having him wrestle without a top.

It's all change for Reigns in WWE, it seems.  

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