The Getaway could make a return on the PlayStation 5


The classic PlayStation 2 series ‘The Getaway’ could be set for a revival on Sony’s PlayStation 5 console later this year.

Team Soho’s game series, which has previously drawn parallels with RockStar Games’ ‘Grand Theft Auto’, has not launched a Getaway title since 2004.

Former Sony London developer Mike Rouse has recently stated on his official YouTube channel ‘Retro Gamer Boy’ that there could be a chance of revival for this British gang based title, having heard from his contacts at the Japanese technology company last year.

Rouse shared this information beneath an original Getaway trailer for the game, where he said: “I’ve heard from my contacts at Sony that something is in the works. What it is though I don’t know.”

On a Getaway Twitter fan page, meanwhile, there was also a reminder of a job listing that was posted last year for an AAA PS Exclusive role

‘The Getaway’ was originally released back in 2002 as an action-adventure game and was inspired by British gangland films. Although it only scored 72 on review website Metacritic, Team Soho’s title managed to sell around four million copies.


A sequel was subsequently released in 2004 called ‘The Getaway: Black Monday’, which also sold a pretty impressive two million units, however, it only managed 57 on Metacritic.

While, at the time, this game was also rather controversial having been barred from release in Australia. There was a planned third chapter in the series intended for the PS3 back in 2008, however, this was cancelled due to unspecified reasons and there has been nothing since.

What with the 20th anniversary of the first title being just two years away, and the inclusion of the PS5’s highly anticipated tech updates, now seems as good a time to dust off and revive this rather underrated series.

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