WWE news: Six stars Roman Reigns should defend the Universal Championship against

Lesnar could be one of Reigns' next opponents

Roman Reigns is back on top of WWE. 

In his first match since February, The Big Dog faced-off against Braun Strowman and 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship.

The bout ended with Roman spearing Strowman and covering him for the three-count, before lifting the title above his head. 

We've now entered a new era of WWE - one in which we expect to see heel Reigns dominate for many months to come. 

But who will he be feuding with going forward?

Even Vince McMahon may not have that worked out yet, but with Roman and Paul Heyman working together now, there's plenty of excitement around the new Universal champ. 

Here at GIVEMESPORT, we've decided to do some fantasy booking and have picked six WWE Superstars that Reigns should defend his title against.  

Who will face Reigns for the Universal title?

1. Otis 

This pick is pretty simple. Otis currently holds the Money in the Bank briefcase and will cash it in for a title shot one day.

He may not get a full main-event match at a PPV, but expect to see Otis involved with Reigns in some capacity moving forward. 

We can't see him successfully cashing in and winning the title, though. 

Otis should get his shot at cashing in

2. Matt Riddle

Now this one would be fun. Riddle has been very impressive since arriving on SmackDown and is already establishing himself as a main-event star. 

We can't see him being pushed as the Universal Champion quite yet, but a strong feud against Roman - even if he loses - would do no harm at all. 

Riddle would be a great opponent

3. AJ Styles 

Could we see a heel vs heel feud? Quite possibly.

AJ Styles has recently dropped the Intercontinental Championship and could easily be pushed back into the main event against Reigns.

However, reports suggest AJ is not a big fan of Paul Heyman. If that's true, it's unlikely he'd want to work directly with the advocate, even if it's in a feud against him. 

AJ could also be in line for a title shot

4. Jeff Hardy

We expect this one would be a popular choice with many fans. Hardy has been on one of the best singles' run of his career since returning to SmackDown in March.

He had solid feuds with King Corbin and Sheamus before going on to win the Intercontinental title vs Styles in August. 

Does Hardy have one more main-event run in him? Absolutely. 

Hardy could have one more main event run

5. Brock Lesnar

Yes, we know Lesnar isn't currently on the SmackDown roster but let's be honest, the rules don't really apply to the Beast. 

All the ingredients are there for a brilliant programme with Reigns too. Has Heyman double-crossed Brock? Or could he turn on Roman one day and re-align with his former client? 

There would be so much to explore here... it has to happen somewhere down the line, right?

The story with Lesnar could be great

6. Big E

There's only one person we want to see take the Universal Championship from Reigns and that's Big E. 

The New Day star has been on a brilliant run without his stablemates and has the fans fully behind him right now. 

Wins against the likes of Sheamus, The Miz and John Morrison have seen him build momentum and we'd love to see him in a huge title match, at a big PPV event soon. 

It seems like something really is brewing here and WWE could do a lot worse than putting the Universal title on Big E.  

Big E could be in line for a push

Following Roman's big win at Payback, those are the six opponents we'd love to see him face during his championship run.

Make it happen, Vince! 

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